Botkier 2006

  1. Love them all, although some look rather large. I have a medium Bianca coming in Dusty Gold.
  2. I noticed the new bags yesterday while I was doing research for my little ebay botkier guide. I love the first two bags, the large bianca in metallic-choco brown, and the black doctor/working-looking-bag.
  3. The shade of red on the "Essex" is very nice.
  4. I like that Crosby. These are different, and really cute!
  5. They're all gorgeous!!! They'll be available in July and I love the Crosby, but I still adore my Trigger Luxe I got a couple of years ago.
  6. wow, they r pretty..... more to put on my list.. hehe
  7. Thanks for posting. What great bags! I especially love that tooth/fang closure on the Essex and its great red color.
  8. Very cute! Can't wait to see them IRL!
  9. I agree--gorgeous. I like that they've strongly moved the collection away from the zipper/tassel thing, but it def leans toward the very, very large.