Botkier 2006 collection

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  1. Have you seen the new Botkier bags? Super cute... ;)

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  2. I'm a shoulder bag girl - twin boys make me need to keep my hands free! LOL!
    LOVE the last one!
  3. Agree, I love the last bag.. and the seafoam colour is gorgeous !
  4. OOOOHHHH, does the last one have a name?? I'd like to order it!!!
  5. Yup, it's called the fan hobo in ocean blue...isn't it GORGEOUS???

    Trying hard to focus on my Balenciaga with all this eye candy around!!! :shame:
  6. My botkier bag is my hands down favorite bag I own! I love thier bags!!!
  7. I love the botkier bags. I have one and it is fabulous!! By the way "swankymamaof3" I have twin 8 year old boys...they're a lot of fun!
  8. Love the color!
  9. They don´t really do anything for me...

  10. yaaaaaay they finally decided to make the trigger in smooth black leather again!!!!!!!! i've been waiting so long!!! i don't like their pebbled leather as much. and i want a blue one too! too many bags...
  11. Nice-looking bags.... love the colors ... but don't they look like B-bags with the tassles and zippers??? Styles could be more original. That's JMO.
  12. These bags come in white ("ecru") as well, and I do not own a white bag and am thinking of getting one.

    I just can't justify spening $1400 on that white trouville and not even be able to wear it on my shoulder :sad:

    I think I like this trigger turbo in ecru the best. Easier on my wallet, and matches my wallet too!
  13. I love the last one!!!
  14. Hey Botkier lovers: go to and click on the holiday 2005 tab and when you add a bag to your cart, you will see about $150 knocked off the price! They are all apparently on sale. Woohoooooo.

    So a $610 Trigger is $465. Sweeeet.
  15. Oh and I just visited this bag at NM today and fell in love with it.