Botiker - Bianca

  1. I have realized that i just will not be satisfied until i own this bag!!

    Has anyone seen this bag anywhere for below retail ($595)?...i've been searching everyday but no luck at all :crybaby:

    oh yeh and im looking for it in black.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. been doing the same search for my sister on a previous thread. I assume you are talking baout the bianca medium since you mentioned $595. I have searched everywhere and the medium in black is not in stock and on sale or available for a discount (promo code) until on or around January 30th. has the medium bianca in black available for purchase with a 10% discount code:toutie for a grand total of $535. Again it'll ship around the 30th.Also shipping would be free.... also has it available to ship around the 30th but I do not know if there is a coupon code for it right now and their shipping is like $22 +

    hope that helps!
  3. Boy, I just looked around too and can't believe how unavailable it is. Singer 22 was all I found too. As far as eBay, there are too very beat up ones going ultra cheap and one other that looks pretty good but I have no past experience with the seller so that would be your call.
  4. if anyone wants to purchase this bag from singer22, they have a promo code "celeb15" for 15% off.
  5. I would love the Bone color. But only with a good sale. :graucho:

    Is it a fairly new bag/style? I've seen several other Botiker's go on sale for really low prices. Wonder why this one has not.
  6. I want the Bianca Rust small (clutch?) - it's a tiny version of it.
    I've been watching the bag for 6 months - price won't budge!!!
  7. I have been lusting over the smaller sizes of the Bianca as well! I can't bring myself to buy because I really want a black in medium or small.

    Bagsfor me, you can get the Bone at shopintution 25% off with code "luckymag."
    Lovekoobabags, I love the bella clutch too! You can get the rust at 25% with code "toutiejake."

    Go get 'em girls! =)
  8. I LOVE the Bella Clutch. But I don't use clutches or very rarely. I have a Kooba Mackenzie and that is all I really need is one. Those Bellas are so darn cute.
  9. Gee - Thanks!! I may just order it. 25% off is good. Although I hate Intuition! Their customer service is the worst. I've tried to order several times before and ended up canceling because it takes so long.