Both the Lux Flap and the Bowler??

  1. :flowers: Does anyone have both? If so do you have a preference and why??
  2. I have both - black metallic flap and black deerskin bowler - and prefer each for different reasons.

    The flap is super comfortable and easy to carry. It stays put on the shoulder and is in no way cumbersome or awkward.

    The bowler is very roomy and fits a ton. It is comfortable on the forearm but not on the shoulder, especially with sweaters and coats. If overstuffed, it can feel a bit heavy.
  3. Thanks Roey! I didn't realize you had both??!! I knew you had the bowler but not the flap LOL! Can you please describe what you can hold in your flap.
  4. Check my avatar - both are pictured! :biggrin:

    Let's see, in the flap I can fit a long Coach checkbook style wallet with checkbook enclosed, cell phone, brush or comb, and hard Chanel sunglasses case (can go up and down versus straight across). There is some expansion on the sides to allow for the sunglasses.
  5. ^^LOL 4 PTA events this week and I just got my toddler to bed so I'm not all there!! OK it holds a lot! Thanks so much Roey!