Both in Lilas color, but which style? Need it for a specific purpose :)

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I would like some help/input in deciding which style of cross body bag (both in lilas patent) would be best?

    So the story...

    I am attending Coachella this year and realized that I don't have a small "heavier duty" bag. Chanel lamb quilts are much too delicate for dancing in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. So I figured that the patent/epi leather of LV would be able to handle a little roughness/bumping into people/getting a little wet. I am wearing a lot of pastels this year, so the color would match well too! Here are my options: The Monceau BB vs the Louise. I have attached some images for reference.

    I love the simplicity of the Louise, but that LV logo is so big lol. Monceau is pretty, but I do like the the style of Louise. Does anyone know how much each can fit? Will it be able to fit wallet, phone, tissues, some other smaller things?

    Or, is buying a new bag for this event a bad idea? Should I just go buy a random cheaper bag that can be tossed around?

    Would love your opinions! Thank you very much. :smile:

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  2. This is such an amazing color. I do like Monceau a tad more - something about that patent lilac with gold hardware. I'm thinking of getting one as well...Good luck deciding!
  3. Between the two, for a coachella weekend, I would go with the epi cross body. Lilac in vernis is beautiful, but the Monceau seems a bit formal for Coachella. Plus epi will be more durable, especially since you'll be bumping and rubbing up against people! This cross body Louise is on the smaller side. You would only be able to fit like a zippy coin purse, phone and tissue. Room is quite limited.

    If I could choose any LV bag, I would go with the Bloomsbury, given the event. You'll be surrounded by plenty of obnoxious and drunk people with drinks spilling left and right--coated canvas is probably the most care-free choice. Plus the price tag is on the lower side :smile:

  4. Have you had the chance to try on the Louise? Some folks on the shopping thread wrote that the strap length is ok for cross body wear but I find it too short. I am 5 ft 3 and with the top of the clutch falling just past the waist, I look like an overgrown schoolgirl, lol!

    As for buying a new bag for the Coachella, I won't do it myself. I have attended many music festivals and outdoor concerts in my day and let me tell you, plenty of bad things can happen to good bags at these places. Bad things like friend sloshing a drink over the bag, strangers walking, no, ploughing into you and then there is the gosh awful portable loo, blech!
  5. Thanks for the replies ladies! Keep them coming!

    Thank you! This seems like such a popular color and rightfully so! Please do a reveal if you do get one. :smile:

    Thank you for your input! I agree that the Monceau may look a little too dressy. I'm hoping that the Louise would fit as much as the Eva clutch, any less and I wouldn't be able to carry the essentials! :smile:

    Checked out the bloomsbury! Definitely much more resilient it looks like. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm looking for a lighter color bag to match all the pastels haha :smile:

    Hmm have not tried it on at all. I'm 2-3 inches taller than you! I'll definitely have to try it on. An overgrown schoolgirl is definitely not the look I'm going for lol! Also don't want it hanging on one side only, as its less secure that way.
  6. louise gets my vote! it's more casual and durable IMO...👍
  7. I choose epi Louise
  8. I am 5feet6 and i tried the loiuse just now. The strap is just nice on me as u can see in my photo.even u put the bag in front or behind.. its the nice length. :smile:

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  9. Hope my picture helps. :smile:
  10. Louise for me! Epi is more durable plus the style looks more casual as well :smile:
  11. Epi Louise :tender:
  12. I love the Louise but I absolutely would not buy an expensive bag for Coachella. That environment can get pretty filty and God forbid it rains it'll be a mudpit. I would buy/take an inexpensive bag to suit your needs.

    The last music festival I went to last year in Curacao I took my Neverfull because I like carrying extra shoes and towels. But that was an almost pristine environment, unlike Coachella which can get grimy. Have fun it's awesome!
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    I' love the Louise. But, I wouldn't use it for Coachella. I'd be too afraid something bad will happen with it, or for it to get dirty..
  14. I love both bags and I think you should definitely get one! Though I love lilas in patent (i have the alma bb in lilas), I like the design of the Louise better! However, I would strongly discourage you using either bag for Coachella! You mentioned you are wearing pastels- Marc by Marc Jacobs has a bunch of pastel bags out right now in a variety of sizes, all very cute! When I go to festivals and concerts like this, i usually use my MBMJ bags and they can handle events like this. While I obvs love LV, I really don't think these bags are made for big crowds (not bc LV is flawed, but b/c these events require a certain type of bag).

    Here are some examples
  15. The epi looks wonderful!