Botege Venetta boutique OMG!!!!!

  1. :crybaby: Went into a BV boutique near where I live tonight and it was a big mistake - I found a bag in this amazing store (I think it was the cheapest bag in the place at $1700+) anyway, I just loved it, yestereday I wanted a LV damier Alma and today I am in loved with a BV and I sooo don't have enough money for this unable to control addiciton - somebody say something sensible - please!!!!!!! I am pouting :crybaby: :crybaby: and I feel like a greedy *****.
  2. LOL!
    I haven't been to one yet, but we're getting one very soon.
    WHich bag was it?
  3. Oh, I don't even know , it was very plain, beautiful black long bag with a quiet design on the body and fabulous shoulder braided (thick) handle - I'm too ill - I"m telling you I actually got to touch and try on some $3000.00 bags - maybe I'll feel better tomorrow - maybe I'll go back and buy it tomorrow but I hope I don't - I'm praying for some sense.
  4. i love BV leather but too $$$ for me too.
  5. Thank you, that sounded so reasonable.
  6. Their fall line is to die for. Absolutely one of a kind gorgeous.
  7. BV has the smoothest leather I've ever placed my paws on. Sooo deliciously smooth, but so expensive.
  8. dang, then I better not touch it or else, my bf will leave me.. lol lol........ I need a job before I can get that gorgeous BV bag... hehe
  9. I'm hearting BV right now....I think I'm going to save up for a woven tote as my next big purchase. They are amazingly soft! Good strong, or save!
  10. I agree. Bottega Veneta bags are the sofest leather. I have yet to own one but I am still trying.
  11. I agree with fayden. Love the BV leather but cost too much!! BTW, there is a BV outlet store in Desert Hills.
  12. I have BV cocker bag and the leather is amazing. Right now some really nice BV bags are on sales. NM had a few ball bags and a few satchels on the sale table last week. Great prices.

    I'm hooked on their flip-flops. I've ordered two pair. One from the boutique on sale.


    And another pair from Shirise on sale (love Shirise...whoever recommended them should be awarded the PF Hall of Fame.)

  13. Greenie, what colour ball bags did you see on sale?
  14. I always say BV bags are like butter! My only purchase is the large hobo in burgendy and I love the leather mirror that comes with it. The softest most durable bag ever...what detail to workmanship...stunning!
  15. The light brown. They also had several of those long totes, a couple of satchels too.