BOTD!! (Bag of the Day) Jan. 29, 2007

  1. I thought it'd be fun to start a Bag of the Day thread. This was popular on a perfume forum that I frequented and it gave everyone (even the shy lurkers)a chance to post something simple on a daily basis. :yes:

    I'll I'll be wearing my 35 cm Etoupe clemence Birkin...just a casual work day for me today with a little shopping at the mall planned for afterwards.
  2. My 35 cyclamin birkin ,just home from grocery store.. in my sweats !
  3. man, you girls are up early! or maybe it's just me since i've got to take DS to school. mine was going to be my black chanel medallion tote (i went out with friends last night and had my baby son with me so i didn't want to take my hermes in case it got spilt milk on it and i'd have a heart attack). but it's going to be my 30 black fjord birkin.
  4. You don't even want to see my bag of the day! I would be thrown off the Purse Forum!
  5. Undecided but I might just use my black chevre kelly today...I was able to hang out with tr444 over the weekend and showed it to her...and it's sitting out looking all regal begging to be used...KB no fair! You must confess...
  6. My trusty 32 cm black togo Kelly for work.
  7. My one and only 37cm Rouge G bolide-have been carrying her since I bought her!
  8. My rouge vif 30 cm birkin in togo! Am pairing it with with my charcoal cashmere coat!
  9. Victoria II pm in chocolate clemence for work.
  10. It is not Hermes...there is not even a brand or name on was a gift for the holiday and I must let the giver see me use it for a little bit. The giver is older and has a big heart and it makes her feel like a million bucks when she sees me with it. Those simple things in life are important and therefore, I can carry it for a bit. Confession done!
  11. So far to drop off the rats at school I used my fushia croc wallet and got robbed for a 20 from my oldest and a 20 from my youngest! Geese! Kids :rolleyes:
  12. $, $40...lucky kids!

  13. Your such a great person for doing that,... MIL right? I always wear what mines gives me just to make her feel good and like her money wasn't just thrown away. Once she bought me a purse from a street vendor (beautiful bag by the way, no name) and I wore it for months everytime she saw me. Makes them feel so good.
  14. Well the oldest can get 20, but the youngest has a fair sale at school today (like we need anymore books!)
  15. My gold Togo Kelly 32 is sitting on the dresser from the weekend, but.....I think I hear the Paris Bombay PM in black box calling from inside HER orange box....."I want to go out today!"