1. I'm going to be visiting Boston for a week next week. Anyone have any suggestions as to the best places to eat, shop, visit, etc? I'd really love to see all the local places and avoid any places that are too touristy. Thanks!
  2. I would definitly suggest Newbury street & copley mall (almost next to it) for shopping. Its kinda touristy, but its the best!

    Some of my favorites for food:
    Franklin Cafe (in the south end, tons of other cute restaurants there as well)
    Aquataine (for brunch)
    Oishii (best sushi)

    I would spend your time just walking around. Its a gorgeous and very walkable city.
  3. Make sure you stop in at LOUIS - it's on Newbury St. (big stand-alone in the former Bonwit Teller's) Absolutely fabulous store!
    Men/Women/Home Furnishings/Eyewear Boutique and cafe/restaurant.
  4. oooo Ill be in Boston for a week next week ;) visiting the BF :heart:

    but anyhoo, theres this place that we love nearby Fanueil Hall, crap I forgot the name :sad: but its incredddible.. ill ask the BF and report back later

    (oh and go to Fanueil Hall because theres tons of cute little stores and about 100 tiny little food vendors-indoors so if you cant choose, theres DEF something for you!)
  5. Boston is a walking city, so make sure you bring your walking shoes. Newbury Street is a MUST, fantastic shopping and wonderful restaurants. Ciao Bello on Newbury is yummy. There is also there is a fun bar called Daisy’s Buchanan. If you like to people watch, check out Sonsie’s. It’s the place to be seen. You never know who will be there.
    From Newbury Street, you can walk over to the Prudential Mall. There you will find shops such as Saks, Sephora, Jasmine Sola, and a bunch of restaurants. The top of the Prudential has a restaurant called TOP OF THE HUB. It over looks the city, it’s expensive and I don’t find the food to that good but people like it. From the Pru, you can walk over to Copley place (they are actually connected by a sky walk) which is another mall filled with high end stores such as Neimans, Barneys, Gucci, Dior, LV, and Tiffany’s. From Copley place, you can walk over the Boston Public library which is one of the oldest libraries in the US. It’s beautiful. The BPL in on Boylston Street and there are all kinds of resurants and bars in that area.

    Faneuil Hall (Quincy Market) is very touristy but they have wonderful shops. Make sure you check out The Chip Yard, they have the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in the world. Stay away from the restaurants there, they are a tourist trap, very $$ and lousy food. Especially Cheers, food is horrible. There is Durgin Park which is one of the oldest restaurants in Boston. It’s a fun place to visit, food is ok. There is a food court in Faneuil Hall that is pretty good. Pizzeria Riggeria is yummy they have the best pizza!!

    From there you can walk over the Aquarium. It’s very hot and dark in there but pretty neat.

    From the Aquarium you can walk over the NORTH END. Its Boston’s little Italy. Hanover Street is the main street and it’s filled with FANTASTIC restaurants, bakeries and shops. I like Cantina Italia the best. And make sure you check out Mike’s Pastry. It can get very crowd and have long lines but it’s worth it.

    Also check out Charles Street in Beacon Hill and the public gardens.

    Downtown Boston has all kinds of shops such as Macy’s, the original Filene’s Basement, and HM. If you are in downtown, check out the Parker House. Good food.

    If you need any additional info, PM me. Have a fantastic time.
  6. ok back with the answers!!! Durgin Park and Union Oyster House!!! DELISHHHH
  7. Boston isn't really a "touristy" place, at least I think because I tend to go to all the "touristy" places often and I live here, so I don't feel like what is considered touristy is not worth seeing.

    Definitely the historical sites are nice, and shopping is great on Newbury St. and in Copley Place, Prudential Center. Great entertainment, pubs, and food for lunch around Faneuil Hall.

    Best place to eat for dinner is the North End, right up the street from Faneuil Hall, all the Italian Restaurants. A fun place to go is Harvard Sq. in Cambridge for the offbeat stores and strange characters. Tons of great restaurants and exotic foods in Cambridge.

    Check out the Harbor, it is beautiful to walk along and look at the sailboats, and you can go to the Aquarium there.

    Great pubs are also on Boylston St. right across from the Prudential Center.

    Let me know if you have any questions! Hope this helps.
  8. omg! Filenes Basement!!! you have got ot shop there! they have two locatiosn, one, the original in Downtown Crossing & the second on Newbury street. I was in Boston whe nth Newbury streeet place opened so I found the original batter (read more bargains!!) butthat might well have changed now!

    they do this fabulous but crazy thing whereby everythig is cheap, but depending on how long its been in the stores you get extra discount! I picked up Gucci, Coach, Versace, Kate Spade, Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin, choo, Prada, Chanel sunglasses, Ralph Lauren, Derek Lam, Dio, all sorts when I was there! most of it at crazy, crazy prices! I paid less than $100 for a pair of Manolo Blahnik Carolynnes! ooh! & I picked up loads of bargain cashmere sweaters at less than $50 each! for 4ply cashmere!!

    My hubby was getting calvin klein boxers for less than $1 a pair!
  9. wow you must have gotton really lucky that day! I frequent it about once or twice a month, and have never seen Manolos or Louboutins there :sad: . I feel like Filene's basement is very hit or miss. I did however get an amazing king size down comforter there for only $70. The one in downtown crossing is definitly better than the Newbury street one.
  10. I was in Boston for 5 days & went to Filenes every day :biggrin: Everyday they had loads of Louboutins & a few pairs of Manolos. of course, I think I bought most of them...:biggrin:

    They seemed to be Louis Boston stocks.

    But I also got amazing deals like James jeans for £17.50, over here they are nearly £200!

    The bags changed daily, of course, with anywhere theres loads of crap too, but you just have to be persistant & rummage! oh & I didn't bother with that special section in the basement, the boutiquey bit, I found that was just expensive (comparitively) so I just stuck to the rest of the store.
  11. aww I'm glad you had fun at the basement! Maybe I'll go back again this weekend... you've encouraged me!
  12. YES Durgin Park is so great! you never know who youll sit next to (unless you ask for the private tables on the 3rd floor), its such a fun experience, you MUST go if your in town!
    Get the roast prime rib, it is fabulous! I dont even like meat that much at all but this knocks my socks off!
  13. Check out the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. They always have featured exhibits, or you could just go and explore. There's great restaurants. (And a gift shop!)

    MFA Boston: Home

    There's an exhibit called Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006 going on until March 18.

    "a hit...its beauty deceptively guised in its simplicity."
    —The New York Times

    Paris is the undisputed center of the fashion world, and "Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006" demonstrates why fashion remains a fine art. Featuring runway garments from the spring and fall/winter collections of ten influential couturiers and designers, the exhibition explores the ideas and inspirations motivating Paris fashion today, and why, in an age of globalization and instantaneous communication, this venerable city remains the fashion capital.

    The city has been a magnet for stylish men and women since the seventeenth century, but the French fashion industry has evolved considerably over the centuries—and never more than in the last few years. Recent assessments of the current state of Paris fashion have varied widely, with some pundits announcing its death, and others claiming that it is closer to fine art than ever before.

    The designers highlighted in this exhibition—Azzedine Alaia, Hussein Chalayan, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, John Galliano for Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Maison Martin Margiela, Olivier Theyskens for Rochas, Valentino, Viktor & Rolf, and Yohji Yamamoto—bring a unique and clear vision to their work, while still maintaining the high level of craftsmanship for which Paris is justly famous.

    Students who are University Members receive free admission to "Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006"—just show your college ID and see the exhibition any time the same day.

    Then there's one about Italian Renaissance Sculpture that goes on until July 8.

    Check out the website for other available exhibits.

  14. OMG, thats the onnly thing that my BF gets at Durgin Park, absolutley adddore Durgin Park! :drool: