Boston: What to do....what to skip?

  1. Hi all,

    I am heading to Boston for a 4 day conference thus upcoming Wednesday.
    Will have some time in the late afternoon and evening to do sightseeing (maybe some during the day).
    I'm staying at the Copley Marriott and my conference is at the Sheraton (John Hynes Memorial Center).

    What do I need to do and see to experience Boston?
    I do already know about Newbury, Prudential & Copley Place for shopping!
  2. Everything is great! Nothing to skip! :smile:

    Go to
    Faneuil Hall for lunch/touristy shopping. Nearby is the beautiful Boston Harbor and Aquarium. Up the street is the NORTH END- WHERE YOU MUST go for dinner-- it's the Italian Section of town with fabulous, unforgettable meals and delicious desserts.

    Harvard Square in Cambridge is a fun, offbeat place to visit.

    Downtown Crossing has Filene's Basement store- great designer deals and bargain bin shopping.

    For something historic, the Freedom Trail is great, and do a Duck Tour for sightseeing!

    Around the harbor, they also offer wonderful harbor tours on boats for a few hours- lots of options.

    And finally, last but not least, there are the museums- Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science are good ones to see.

    HAVE FUN! You will love Boston (I hope!) Send me a pm if you have further questions.
  3. ITA...I have done all of these except the museum of science and loved all. Also if you're a history buff, there's a ton of cool stuff to see in that regard.
  4. There's a 2006 Paris Haute Couture exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts going on right now!
  5. Thanks all!

    Filene's Basement: I heard there are 2 of them in town....which one do you recommend for better chances of scoring some good stuff?
  6. Downtown Crossing one has the most variety and best discounts. There is also a brand new one on Newbury Street worth checking out- they might be a little higher end in their merchandise. Nonetheless, both carry designer items such as bags, accessories, and clothing.
  7. Go to Toro for dinner. Spanish restaurant in the South End. It's currently my favorite restaurant.

    Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square has amazing weekend brunch.
  8. I also recommend the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. It is styled as an Italian palazzo with a gorgeous center courtyard in the middle.
  9. i heard there's no sales tax on apparel in boston, is this true??
  10. It was only for items below $200 when I was there.. but I heard from someone on the forum that it has changed to items that are $100 and under..
  11. Hi Twiggers, this was my reply to the other Boston thread so I'm just gonna copy/ paste for ya:

    Ppl have already given you all the great details.

    Yes, Newberry St. Coply/Prudential is the fashion center. and Downtown crossing where Filene's Basement is also very cool to spend time at.

    If you like Seafood, Boston is the right place for you.
    Oh boy so many good places to eat in Boston@@
    If I can spend 3 days in Boston this is what I'd do:

    Day 1 (Fri)
    I'd head out to Newberry St. Get Bikini wax at Bella Sante Spa with Robbin (They use the purple lavender hard wax that doesn't irritate skin like strip waxes... I have yet to find better waxing service)

    Get hair cut at Vidal Sasson by Angela. Walk down Newberry while shopping and eat at Stephanies on Newberry St. for lunch. They have the best Lobster Potpie ever and the Oversized Stefie Burger is truly memorable.... Drink their unsweetened flavored ice teas.

    Stop by at Teuscher chocolate shop and pick up small box of Champagne truffles.

    Walk over to Coply/prudential mall and shop...etc..

    Dinner at the Atlantic Seafood Co. on Boylston. I highly recommend this place for it's a true local establishment and not a chain. Sip their half bottle Chablis with an order of Fried oysters appetizer (you get like 4 pieces) and their Wild Alaskan sokeye Salmon..

    Or Abe & Louis Steak House.. great steak, very intimate atmosphere (couple doors down from Atlantic Fish Co. They are brother sister restaurant...)

    Or head over to Tapeo for the best Spanish Tappas restaurant. Order Squid stuffed in its ink, shrimp with Mojo sauce, Carlic Shrimp, and some other stuff with a pitcher of Sangria.

    Then head over back to the Prudential Center and go to the Top of the Hub for dessert. Their Cookie Tray baked upon order will melt in your mouth. Listen to Live Jazz music, request Fly me to the Moon and see some couples dancing.

    Day 2 (Sat)
    wake up around 10am, head over to China Town and have dimsum at china pearl around 12pm. Over load on Lobster Shumai. Head over out to Downtown crossing, Walk around dark alleys with eclectic shops and explore Filene's Basement.

    After long day of shopping, come back to hotel, change, and cab over to the North End, Hanover St. Have dinner at Mamma Maria's (The reservation would have been made long ago) They have the best authentic exquisite Italian food in Boston.

    After dinner walk over to Mike's pastry shop for best canoli and traditional Italian pastry's to take back to hotel.

    Day 3.

    Wake up late, take the T (Boston Metro C line) to Ginza Japanese Restaurant on Brookline Ave. for their lunch special (order Katsu don, make DH order Bento, share Nabeyaki Udon.)

    Although Oishii has BEST sushi, it's way far out in Chestnut hill and expensive cab ride if you don't have a car. Blue Ginger is also magnificant but you'll have to venture out to Wellesly..

    Or Forego the Japanese just:
    Head over to Harvard square, have lunch at Darwins or Arrow St. Crepes walk around and DASH to L.A. Burdick for the one of a kind "ice chocolate drink" or hot cocoa (i'll get dark chocolate DH Milk chocolate)

    Around 4pm, Take the T out to Faneuil Hall and explore the small shops and do touristy stuff. walk around, explore little cart vendors and small shops.

    Walk over to Sel De La Terre on State St. for some great and reasonably priced french/seafood.

    Hang out in the area if want to go to a bar/dancing..etc..

    Oh boy this is what I can think of off the top of my head.. the best memorable places from my years there....

    If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me..

  12. The one on Newbury street is definitly not as good as the main one in Downtown Crossing. I go to both pretty regularly, and the Downtown Crossing one has tons of high end bags and shoes that just aren't found in the Newbury one. I saw Christian Louboutin pumps for $99 and a Chloe paddington satchel for $1100 this past weekend at the Downtown Crossing store.
  13. Go to Daily Catch in the North End and get the lobster diavolo. It is absolutely TDF!! :drool: