Boston store....wonderful experience

  1. Now let me get to the point here....I have been more of a lurker than a "doer". Because of you ladies and gentlemen, I have developed a taste, no a desire, insatiable need to look at, feel, smell and hold all things Hermes.
    Yup, thanks a lot folks.
    However, I continued to be very anxious about an in house purchasing experience. COncerned about feeling intimidated, concerned about seeming too eager, concerned about falling into a display of clic-clacs.
    Nevertheless, after two good experiences in Zurich and Venice, I decided it was time to go into my closest store...Boston.
    With my newest phone order in hand (Projets Carres scarf), I went to exchange for one of the Springtime scarves. (I had ordered the Carres from Madison Ave...they only had the black and orange left......I love the scarf but the colors are indeed a bit too harsh).
    I met a very warm and helpful sales associate and was able to exchange for the Indiennes scarf in colorway 17 I believe (hot pinks on limey green, some yellows.....)
    I also bought my first RAISIN!!!!
    A Ulysee PM with insert.... I have heard so much about the wonderful Raisin togo and have to say, it indeed lives up to its name! I really wanted a carmencita but it was only available in the larger model so with the help of my wonderful SA, a dog bookmark is coming my way from Las Vegas.
    The store was gorgeous. The other associates warm as well.
    My intimidation factor is at an all time low, and I think I will be visiting much more often!
    I realize my trinkets are small (albeit wonderful). I am more pleased about feeling as if I may enter this store easily in the future to continue my addiction......
    Thank you everyone!
    Will post photos when able......;)
  2. amazonb, welcome! Great post, glad you had a good experience and feel confident to return. It's great that you found a nice SA you can look out for next time. I have a raisin Ulyses MM I think - amazing colour. I look forward to seeing pics of your new scarf - don't be shy - we all love modelling shots best!
  3. Welcome, and thanks for sharing your experience!
  4. I'm so glad you had a great H experience! I've been to the Boston store and had a great experience there too. I have been to Madison Ave., Charlotte, Atlanta and Boston and have found all of the experiences to be friendly and helpful.

    Enjoy your new H and welcome to the orange side!!!
  5. Congratulations on your beautiful new purchases! I loved your story. I wish I lived near a store. The closest store is 300 miles away.
  6. Congratulations! I'm glad you had a good experience! Sometimes you get good SAs sometimes bad, and you got a great one! Post pics of your finds when you get time!
  7. I am so glad you had a great experience at an H boutique!! (But that's only going to promote lots and lots and lots of future orange purchases!!!! Good for you, bad for your wallet, LOL!!) Can't wait to see the pics!!
  8. I truly love Boston. My experiences there have been wonderful. It has been a while since I have shopped there, but for years and years I would frequent H there.
  9. That's wonderful!! Congrats. I think the Boston store is great.
  10. Congratulations on your purchases! Glad to hear you had a wonderful experience. :yes:
  11. How wonderful to find a helpful SA. Looking forward to your pictures of your yummy purchases.
  12. It sure sounds like you have had loads of fun. Please post a pic of all your goodies!
  13. amazonb, Congrats on your goodies. :smile: And thanks for sharing a good SA story. :smile:
  14. It's good to know Bostonians are friendly. Glad you returned the scarf to get what you really wanted! Enjoy your H're gonna love it.