Boston Shopping....

  1. Met up with tr444 yesterday in Boston for a fun day and of course, a small visit to Hermes. The SA there is wonderful...we spent almost an hr. with her! I was only going to pick up an agenda refill, silver pen, and maybe the little bookmark....not quite how it worked out....In my mind I had fought about wanting the Vision II zip agenda...then talked myself 'down' into keep the smaller zip version I have but getting a different refill for next yr -- and the pen, etc. Yup, got there, fell in love with the Vision II zip and brought her home! Will have to post a pic has a place for notepaper on the left so I can now carry just this instead of the agenda AND the ulysse mini notebook...And the worst part? I fell in love with indigo!!! I know that's a color for me....and they had a kelly 32 souple and a now trying to figure out what to do...what to sell...why did I go there LOL??!!!

    It was such a fun trip - oh and apparently Eric Clapton had been in the store 20 mins. before us and was helped by our SA!!! :supacool: She was very excited...and we were sorry we didn't move quicker lol!!:sweatdrop:
  2. whoa so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!SO excited for you Shoes!! Congrats!
    pictures pictures pictures!!!!
  3. Sounds like a great time, Shoes! Can't wait to see your pics! :yahoo:
  4. Im going to Boston to visit my boyfriend soon (soo excited, cant wait...)

    Anyhoo, WHERE is the Hermes store??? Also, any other good malls or boutiques or things like that up there??

    Anyone who lives in Boston, any good tips on shopping, eating, etc?? Thanks!

  5. sounds like you had so much fun!! take lots of pics of your goodies so we can take a look!!
  6. LovChole: My relatives live really close to Boston, and I spent about a month down there this past summer. Newbury Street has many designer boutiques, as does the Prudential Center and Copley Place (they're connected to eachother, and there's Saks, a recently opened Barneys, Neimans, LV, Gucci) about a block from there. I love Newbury, it's so classy.. Many of the stores are in old townhouses.

  7. How exciting Shoes! Looking forward to seeing pix!
  8. It was a wonderful shopping trip!! Congrats on your new items Shoes!! They are beautiful, can't wait till you get the pics up!
  9. What a fun shopping trip! Wish you'd been there a bit earlier to see Eric Clapton!!
  10. What a fun shopping trip! Wish you'd been there a bit earlier to see Eric Clapton!! :yahoo:
  11. Hermes is on Arlington (cross street with Boylston), on the southwest corner of Boston Commons.

    Copley/Prudential Center have great shops (mall-style though). Newbury street has cute stores, many of which are in the Copley too.

    Stephanie's on Newbury has great brunch (they have an amazing crabcake Benedict:drool:). I haven't been too impress with the restaurants in Boston (but I'm comparing them to NYC). Everything is edible, but overall the scene is just so-so.
  12. Sounds like you guys had a great time, shoes! Congrats on the new treats. Too bad you missed Clapton. :sad: I saw him at Madison Square Garden the week before last. At 61, he is still so handsome!
  13. Shoes ~ Such Fabulous Items!!! I'm Glad You Had Such A Wonder Time!!! :smile:
  14. thanks farmer and theITbag for all the tips :smile:
  15. Okay here are a few pics!

    Oh and I would add to the Boston recs that Fanieul Hall area is great to sit and watch street performers, along with more shopping....the North End nearby has amazing Italian food and pasty shops, and Downtown Crossing area has H&M and Filene's, Filene's Basement, etc...

    agenda 001.jpg

    agenda 003.jpg

    agenda 004.jpg

    My pics never come out that good but it's a great agenda!