Boston October 12-13

  1. Aargh, I've been wondering about this too...
    I think I can still make it to at least one gathering that weekend, most likely the best of the options for me is Sat. during the day? I could make it work.
  2. Saturday is best for me, too. Getting downtown on Friday evening is no fun.
  3. Hi Boston folks -

    Been sick (in hospital, actually) and offline, and now I am totally obsessed with the Red Sox in the playoffs, so my time is limited by that! I haven't forgotten, but I can't make any commitments too far in advance until November 1 -- if the Sox make it into the World Series and such a WS goes 7 games. My tickets are sitting in my desk drawer --- almost as expensive as an H bag or two!!! -- so, I'll be back when it's over!
  4. Oh! I hope you're ok (I'm sure the Sox are helping you feel better!)
  5. Hi all. I'd be game to go in Nov! I'm an LV girl with a wandering H eye....I've never been to the Hermes store in Boston and am too timid to go in by myself.
  6. ^^welcome!
  7. Thank you. I'm just learning about the wonderous ways of Hermes.
  8. Welcome!
    Let's shoot for November then. Works better for me as well...
  9. November it is! Have a good weekend, ladies! (And keeping fingers crossed for the Sox, funnyredhead!)