boston meetup spring 2010?

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  1. just received a mail from nm about their fashion event on mar 4th. would be fun to have tpf girls get together, mingle and shop. anyone in?

    if weekday is too busy and short, we can also do a weekend gathering. get out of the winter hibernation and show off ur holiday purchases! i am thinking sometime during mar. cant wait to see everyone, it's been yrs!
  2. March 4 is a little short notice for me, but I'd love to do one another time in the spring. Hope to see more interest.
  3. I am in whenever you are ready!
  4. I'd also be interested ... clearly not March the 4th though ;)
  5. How about sometime In April???????
  6. sometime in april would work for me
  7. April would be nice! OP are you there? :smile:
  8. how about the 2nd weekend of april? sat? hope the weather is warm enough for an ourdoor gathering!
  9. That is good for me.
    So it will be the 4 of US?

    That weekend works for me!
  10. Hi! It would have to be in earlier afternoon for me if I did go, but I will just double-check that I have that Saturday entirely free because I cannot remember which Saturday I volunteered to work on! I will get back to you as soon as possible early this week.
  11. Sounds Great too me.
  12. Ladies, just remember to PM details of exactly when and wear to keep it private for safety reasons!
  13. Ok I am just confirming I can attend! :smile: Who else is going officially?
  14. #14 Apr 10, 2010
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
    Ummm :sad: What happened? I was there, checked in under the reservation with my name like I mentioned in PM and no one was there. I was there for over 30 mins. :sad:

    I got a pm from you, MyMyMy
    but I don't have internet on my phone so was not able to see that until I got home.

    Ling, did you end up making it? :sad:
  15. poo! i would be interested in a meetup, too, but I'm not on TPF that much anymore... Include me in the PM if you guys are going. I went to one about a year ago and it was a good deal of fun. May or June perhaps?