Boston Meetup in September?

  1. Some of us have been trying to put together a Boston meetup for a while, but the dates/times never seem to work for a group. I'd like to get a couple of dates in September that might work for a Boston excursion -- tea at the Four Seasons, Hermes, drinks at the Taj, dinner somewhere on Newbury Street......Hermes, LV, Neiman Marcus the next day!

    How about it?? Would also love to see some of the Manhattan babes hop on the Acela and join us!! Any of the outside US tPFers planning trips that might come to Boston in the fall?

  2. Sign me up!
  3. ^Me too.
  4. FRH, am good with any of your suggestions--they all sound good!! The NYC gathering is the weekend of 9/8 or thereabouts...just to keep that in mind in case there are folks who go both ways...!
  5. This is so exciting. I can't wait to meet you lovely ladies. If you need help planning, please let me know.
  6. anyone wants to meet up sat to shop for some tax free H purchases?
  7. I am trying to free up Saturday morning to do that! I had already planned something before the tax-free dates were settled. I'll let y'all know if I am going to be at H at 10 AM on Saturday!
  8. Hi - I would love to meet some of fellow tpfers in Boston. Is a September meeting something you are still considering?
  9. I'd like to go as well, if you don't mind a new girl tagging along.
  10. But of course!! The more the merrier!!
    FRH, et al...anyone want to take a stab at suggesting any dates?
  11. I can't do Sept. but might be able to mid-late Oct...
  12. Shoes, me too!!
    (I had typed something to that effect above and then took it out, not wanting to mess up things.)
    I have a ton of stuff going on this month leading up to something the first week of Oct., and then I am going to be away in early Oct.
    The second half of Oct. would be perfect for me.

  13. I meant to also say, welcome to tPF!!! :smile:
  14. hey girls! count me in, if the day works! mid to late oct would also be great for me :smile:
  15. lol, thanks!