Boston Meet - Newbury Street!!!

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  1. How about a meet on Newbury Street or Copley Place?

    I am really new to organizing a meet, but I was on Newbury Street and thought it would be so fun to have all the tpfers there. My BF just doesn't understand the full love of purses!!

    Mods- Let me know if this is the right place to post this or if it has already been done.

    Thanks Girls, hopefully we can organize something!!! :p
  2. anyone??
  3. No one wants to meet in Boston??
  4. I would love to, but I live in MD right now. Beantown is my hometown!!!!
  5. Oh should move back!!
  6. princessa I want to meet up!! I live in LA but one of my best friends lives in Boston so I try to find any excuse to go there, in fact I'll be there next weekend and again in January.

    My friend lives on Newbury (right next to Luna Boston!) and I agree, there's tons of great shopping in the area.

    I went to a TPF meet-up here in LA not too long ago and it was great, there were about a dozen of us and we had lunch at the mall then checked out LV and Gucci. The organizer had arranged for the manager at LV to show us some of the new stuff. But the best part as meeting other TPFers in person!

    Would love to help organize something for one of the times I'll be in Boston, even if it's just you, me and my friend hehe...I'll PM you.
  7. Ohhhh fun fun!!
  8. make sure to PM me when you are coming up that would be a blast!!
  9. *bump*

    Anyone still want to do a Boston meet?
  10. I'd be intested... Keep me in the loop! I wanna say that there was a post about this a few weeks ago (maybe over a month) in one of the designer forums, too... this would be fun and I'd love any excuse to meet new friends in Boston!
  11. i live in LA now but DH often goes back to Boston for work, one of these days i will tag along (yay for frequent flier miles!) and so if i'm ever in the area i'd DEFINITELY be up for going to a Boston meet!! I just moved here from Cambridge 6 months ago....can u believe i lived there for SIX YEARS and i NEVER went shopping ar Copley or Newbury street??! :wtf: I guess I was just a poor graduate student then so it was always the Cambridgeside Galleria for me, lol
  12. bump!

    Did a meet in Boston ever happen? I'd love to join in on the next one!
  13. Yeah, we did a hermes one and it was fun. i'd be up for another one during the gucci sale! I guess I can just say people who are interested should post here? :smile:
  14. I'm not buying right now, but I'd love to meet some TPF'ers!
  15. i'm going to be in Boston from Dec 8 - Dec 14, would love to meet up with any tpf'ers in the area to go shopping @ Newbury etc. Since I will be tagging along with my DH for a work trip, he'll be at work all day I'll have most days free for shopping. :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.