Boston Meet Fall 2009

  1. This week is not good for me because Thurs I am at work til 8pm and have meetings all week and a Tupperware Party on Friday (lol, I know, I know). What about next Friday the 25th? Or if anyone has other suggestions, please advise! I want to make it work so as many people can join as possible!
  2. Or what about Friday October 2? That might work better for me and give people more time because next week might be short notice? Would that be okay with those of you interested?
  3. Count me in too, I like Oct 2 :tup:
  4. Great! Anyone else? Let us know asap so we can start choosing a time and place! :smile:
  5. I may be able to make it.
  6. Sounds like so much fun, but 2 weeks too early for me. I will be at the L.A. meet that weekend, though. For anyone who hasn't attended one, I highly recommend it. I have met only great people during these get togethers.
  7. Hmm, sounds like the 2nd isn't too popular....I can do Fridays later in October as well if that works better for others.
  8. I hope other people will confirm what is good for them and if they can make it! If you can't make it, please suggest other dates that will be good for you!
  9. I think most any weekend is good for me, just not the weekend of the 9th as my parents will be visiting.
  10. I'm still checking this thread. This Friday is coming up very quickly and have not heard much from many people. If you are interested, please throw some ideas out there.

    What about
    Friday, October 23?
  11. I keep forgetting to check this thread! I've been busy with work lately and haven't been on too much. Let me know when something firm gets whittled down. The only Friday in October that I definitely can't make it is October 9, which is probably too soon for people to "gather", anyway. Hope all is well with the Boston ladies!
  12. I will be in town Oct. 14-20. Any chance for the 16th or 17th?
  13. 16th works for me!

    Everyone please subscribe to this thread that is interested.
  14. That would be so awesome!
  15. Okay, just so we can get this organized, please send me a PM if you are able to make it on the 16th (Friday) of this month with what times work best for you.