Boston Macy's

  1. I was there on a day trip and saw huge amounts of Pirata and Spiaggia.

    If you are looking for a Pirata Bambinone, that's the palce to go. I counted almost 10! Plus, BV, Campeggios, Stellinas, Zuccas, Giocos, Canguros. No Ciao Ciaos but one Ciao left.

    In the Spiaggia print, they also have the Ciao Ciaos plus what I listed above.

    Only one L'AMore Canguro left though and no others. Didn't even see one Adios Star.

    Have fun shopping!
  2. Slightly off-topic, but I went to the Newbury Street Filene's Basement yesterday and scored myself a Foresta Corriere! Not that great of a price - but I was just so excited to find something in Foresta!
  3. woo sucks that im back in florida now...what else did they have in foresta
  4. PinkPeony, was it onsale or regular price?
  5. It was regular price ...
  6. I dont see toki bag in macys cincinnati store. maybe just online.
  7. Nothing. It was the only Tokidoki piece they had. I found it buried under literally hundreds of regular Lesportsacs!