Boston LV

  1. I'm thinking ahead to an upcoming trip this spring. I'm going to be in boston for a conference...and although it's my first time out there I know I have to hit up an LV.
    I'm going to be staying at the Marriott Copley Place (or Copley Plaza ??).
    Bostonian ladies....where do I need to go to get my LV fix?
  2. Right downstairs baby!!!!

    When are you going??? Shoes319 and I are planning to meet there again in March!!
  3. you're there! what a great location for a conference, too. if you want any tourist suggestions, let me know. :yes: my sister works about five minutes away from where you are staying!
  4. copley is the best place to stay! right across the bridge is this huge mall, with everything from LV boutique, to NM/Barneys, etc.
  5. ooh I LOVE Copley!!! Theres also an LV boutique in Saks, which is in a separate shopping center (Prudential) connected to Copley. So you can pick between two LVs!:yes:
  6. The Copley Galleria is a great place to go shopping....I think I'm going tomorrow. There is an LV boutique and Saks also has an LV counter. If you want to do some more shopping in addition to Copley, make sure you take a walk down Newbury St. Lots of great stores!! :yes: (Didn't know there were so many PFers from Boston...all of us should meet up and go shopping....we could do some real damage!! heehee.;) )
  7. WOOHOOO!!! An LV that close...ahhhhh heaven!
    Tracy: I'm going to be there at the end of March...the weekend of the 29th. I fly in on Wednesday night around 7 PM, Thursday & Friday are pretty sporadic, and then I'll probably be in the conference all day Saturday & Sunday. That would be too cool to meet up and shop at LV!!!!!!!!
  8. Forget about seeing the history of the US....I'll park my butt in a mall LOL
  9. Have fun twiggers. I'm hesitant about shopping any LV right now. Would not mind meeting up with a few PFer's would be a blast.
  10. I totally agree!! whenever I go visit a new place the FIRST thing I want to do is find the shopping areas! Then comes the historical stuff
  11. How lucky is that?? You're staying at the hotel in the same mall as the LV store!! I'm a Bostonian too, love the Copley store- it's where I bought my first Louis bag, sigh.. You'll love it, and the Copley mall- great Dior store, Gucci, Saks, Nieman Marcus, Bebe, everything! Enjoy your stay in Boston. Oh and the Freedom Trail is highly overrated. ;)
  12. How lucky for me....hubby probably won't think so when I tell him LOL

  13. It is fun meeting with tPFers....they're way better to shop with than a PHH!
  14. Purse Forum meeting in boston would be tons of fun!
  15. ^^dh picked out my last 2 bags the Lenore and Josephine.
    But, I'm going to be there whether I like it or not in the middle of February. I'm not looking forward to being out there on my own in a strange city.:wacko: