Boston LV pf'ers

  1. Hi fellow Bostonians. I know some of you are meeting tomorrow but I will be unable to make it! :sad: My DH is volunteering his time doing little league work in my town and I will be stuck with 3 kids. I cannot bring them to LV! I am totally bummed - I would have loved to have met you guys! Have a wonderful time and please post pics if you take any. I will be thinking of you guys!!! :crybaby:
  2. Don't you have anyone to babysit for you? lol I might just get lost driving!
  3. i had no idea there was a boston meet!!???!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  4. I posted a thread weeks ago and kept bumping it but not too many responded...the LV trunk show is this weekend and a few of us are meeting at 1pm tomorrow in from of LV in Copley Galleria.
  5. I had no idea either! eek..I'm just about 1 1/2 hours away from Boston and I drive there all the time. Oh, dear, if only I'd known sooner. I wish someone had stickied the thread. Not enough time to find a sitter and drive there.
  6. Maybe we should get a babysitter for the both ladies.
  7. Any of you lovely ladies have any experience with the airport and how far it is from Copley?
  8. logan is but 15 minutes from copley,
  9. ps. the airport is much better since they did it over. just dont get nervous the cabbies and buses are crazy
  10. Logan? I think it isn't close. However, there are shuttles from Logan to Boston South Station, and then you can take the T (subway).

    Edit: I'm not certain about this.
  11. Thanks, Jennifer!

    ^OT... Med how did you change your username? TIA
  12. I asked Vlad to change my username. My previous username was the same as my yahoo ID, so I thought it would be better for privacy reasons.
  13. ^Thank you for the information!:flowers: Yes, you can never be too careful. Glad Vlad was able to accommodate.
  14. I can not make it tomorrow, either. I hope you all have a great time! Maybe we can try again when Twiggers is in town! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I tried to get a sitter but both grandmothers are conveniently busy and my usual sitters are only available at night. :sad: Waaaa waaaaa. I am bummed. When is Twiggers coming to town?? I would love to do this when everyone can come!!!!