Boston ladies, did anyone else receive an invite to Chanel >>>

  1. Purchase $1000 or more in full price merchandise (excluding fine jewelry and skincare I think) at the Newbury boutique and receive a $200 GC? It says all purchases have to be made before 10/7- I wonder if that means I have to spend the GC before 10/7 or not? And if there are any restrictions on what I could buy with the GC?:p
  2. That sounds like a great deal! Too bad I don't live in Boston anymore. :sad:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. I live in Boston...spend a fortune at the Chanle Boutique and have not recieved any notice of this :crybaby: When did you get the invitation/notice? Also, can you tell me who your SA is? I am getting a little frustrated with mine and might need a change...
  4. I am also in Boston. I was in the boutique this past weekend. (purchased the Camilia CC holder) The SA (Michael) did not mention this deal to me. Although that may not be his fault...I am not a regular at the boutique. I always felt that they were a little stuck-up-ish. I like to shop at NM and Bloomies.
    Also, now that I know I can get the bags tax free, I think twice of buying locally.
  5. I also head over to Bloomies and NM. I was in NM yesterday...they are loaded with Chanel stock. They need to do something about the presentation of the pieces there as they are just not inviting (bags stuffed in front of other bags, etc.) Love the new Bloomies boutique though....
  6. :yes: ITA
  7. I got one, but it was from the Madison NYC Chanel.

    I'm thinking of getting a 227, but have no idea what it's going for these days.
  8. I got the invite in the mail last Thursday or Friday. I have only shopped at that boutique once in June and can't even remember who the SA was. She has a short bob-like hair style. May be this is their way to lure back relatively new shoppers?
  9. thanks JabberMo... It's really sad because I get better service from SAs in boutiques in other cities (that I have never met but speak to over the phone once) then I do at home.:cursing: