Boston inventory today

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  1. I was just in the Boston boutique and they had these goodies (can't HOPE to match HG's memory....but...):

    Kelly 32 Rigide - black box - pall h/w
    Kelly 32 Vibrato - black - pall h/w
    Evelyne - brighton blue (beautiful shade!)
    Bolide 28 - caramel ostrich
    Paris-Bombay PM - gold
    Kelly 28 souple - BJ togo - pall h/w
    Kelly Clutch - black box - pall h/w
    Plume Elan PM - BJ
    Plume 28 - BJ
    many Garden Party bags in various sizes and colors

    Lots of new cashmere/silk shawls in fall colors (just not ready for that yet....)
  2. Hi, nice selection...did you notice what colors came with the black vibrato? was it the orange/white/brown? (I might be confusing the vibrato's)
  3. It was very understated (for vibrato) -- black box with a black/gray/white vibrato fabric.
  4. That rigide black box must be gorgeous! Can't believe it wasn't snatched up!
  5. thanks...sounds nice, wish I was there to see it!:tender: :girlsigh:
  6. OMG!!! I would love to have that in a coin wallet or an Evelyne PM~~:nuts:
  7. I came very, very close to walking out with it, but I have my order in for a 28 and the 32 is just a little larger than what I really want. It was beautiful.....:tender:
  8. Oh the ostrich me me!!!
  9. Down, girl. It's an ostrich BOLIDE.....
  10. Between the blue jean Kelly and the ostrich bolide, I would be in big trouble!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the update Funnyredhead!
  11. What was the price on the rigide black box kelly? Did you ask? I'm just curious...
  12. :yahoo: I'll take a bolide as well lol!! Wow how did I read Plume from Bolide??!!!

  13. you probably stopped reading after ostrich.

    great update funnyredhead - and i might have to point out your post to my husband - finally another member he can relate to (he's a die-hard sox fan).
  14. Whoa. What a LOOT! I'd love the BJ Plume or Kelly!
  15. My "other" obsession!! [​IMG] :nuts:
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