Boston Hermes store, finally!!!

  1. Today was the day for me to take the train to meet TR444 and others for the NE PF meeting - well it ended up just Traci, her wonderful mom and myself and we had a great day!:yahoo: So I finally got into an H store -- I've only called and ordered by phone so you can imagine this was big!! We spent probably 45 mins or so in the store...the SA was awesome (Traci had been before) - we had her explaining and showing us things left and right - I ended up purchasing an enamel H bracelet in red w/gold, a little notebook in vert anis (had to have something in this color!) with plain paper for notes, and a teacup and saucer! I will post my pics in the am.....I fell in total love with a plume in cyclamen - but it was a mini one (thank goodness) -- what a pretty color and love, love that plume! They had in stock a bunch of GP bags; one kelly in gold 32; one PB in gold (I think); one 25 kelly (SA brought from the back after we both checked out lol!) in caramel; and several other bags - a couple of bolides and some Evelyns(sp?); a huge birkin in vert anis....and others I can't recall at the moment - it was a great trip and just so exciting! I was happy with my purchases and Traci got a pocket square that she has already thing we did notice was the SA was wearing kind of a plain suit, and Traci's mom noticed the carpet was plain in color - and we wondered if it was to not distract from the beauty of the bags?!
  2. Shoes, glad you had such a fun time today! Congrats on your purchases and I can't wait to see pics! :yahoo:
  3. Beautiful purchases shoes!!!! Can't wait to see the pics....hee hee!
  4. Glad you had a good day. I am always jealous when I read stories of PF people meeting up. I want to go to a PF meeting. Can't wait to see your pictures. That cyclamen Plume sounds gorgeous. I love that color.
  5. wonderful wonderful!
    you know i have to ask - how did the 25 kelly look? did you try it on? was it rigide or souple?
    very excited for your purchases.
  6. Traci, let's not forget to change your little "ticker" at the bottom sweetie lol!!!
  7. Shoes, the SA's are all measured for suits that are given to them by Hermes. They are tailored in Italy and altered to fit each one perfectly. They are kept simple to also showcase the scarves and ties that they are required to wear. The uniform has changed in the last few weeks. Beige jackets with brown trousers for the women and grey suits for the men.
  8. I have always wondered about that. Thanks for sharing the information.
  9. Pics!!!pics!!!pics!!!
  10. HH - I believe it was souple - and small - it really wouldn't work for a daily bag for either of us (even though Traci is tiny and likes small bags!) For an evening or sometime bag it would be fine though.....

  11. OH thanks!!!! Off to do that right now!!!!:lol:
  12. what would you say the bag in the "is this a 28 or smaller" thread is now, in comparison to the 25 souple you saw in person today?
  13. [​IMG]
  14. LOL - bagg, what is going on in your post?
    that is hysterical.
    THAT is the happy dance!
  15. wonderful that you had such a GREAT day!!!! Isn't it fun at Hermes????? Post all your pics as soon as you get a chance....maybe it's time for another family pic?????