Boston Hermes Inventory

  1. Just back from Hermes in Boston. I tried to remember everything they had. I am a newbie so please excuse me if I do not know the "exact color" and name of an item.

    -Orange GPT
    -Black GPT
    -Black and Wool GPT (The big one)

    They had a beautiful 32 Kelly that was chocolate brown and Tollie.

    -White Bolide
    -Fourre toute in black and chocolate brown
    -Blue jean Paris Bombay (I think that is the name, looks similar to a doctors bag)
    -White, Blue Jean, Beige-Evelyne PM

    -Dogon Wallet in orange and blue jean (both sizes)
    -small Blue jean card holer (with a little snap closure)
    -Vermillion make up case (sorry I do not know the exact name)
    -Red makeup case (see above)

    -Charms- doggie, panda, tiger, and another one that I could make out what it was.

    -fuschia bearn wallet
    -book marks

    -various agenda's in every color.
    -pink twilly with little cherries on it
    -blue twilly with little cherries on it
    -green twilly with golf balls, there was another color as well but I can't remember, maybe blue and red

    That is all I can remember, Sorry. They had some beautiful things and a some other bags that I do not know their names.

    Yes, I purchased two things. However, my camera isn't working. Hopefully I wil have pictures soon.

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. What did you get??
  3. Thanks for info Mree43!

    Welllllllll.....what did you buy!!!:yes:
  4. oooh, a pink twilly with cherries on it! how pretty would that be!
  5. What a memory! Thanks for sharing! :nuts:
  6. Wow, thanks for remembering all of those great Hermes things. :supacool:
  7. Thank You So much mree43! Boston Is Such A Great Hermes Store ~ They Always Have A Good Selection & Such Great Service!

    Donna ~ The Bllue With Cherries & White W/Cherries Twillies Are On ~ Right Now. I Really Like The White With Red.

  8. Oops. I didn't realize I forgot to post what I purchased.
    I purchased a Blue Jean Dogon wallet and a pink enamel braclet.
  9. Sounds lovely! Good for you!