Boston : Good places to shop

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  1. Hi all, I'm new to this board, hoping I can get a little help. I'm thoroughly obsessed with buying a few new fabulous bags, but shopping in Boston is extremely lacking, compared to LA and NYC. All we have are the department stores. Anyone from the Boston-area and can help suggest great places to shop for designer bags, shoes, etc?

    Also, does Boston ever have sample sales anywhere?
  2. Luna Boston on Newbury and Moxie on Charles St are good little stores for bags.
  3. Hmmm I'm not from Boston but I believe a recent Lucky Mag featured it in its shopping section. If I can dig it up I'll post, it seemed that there were tons of shops. Oh and welcome!!
  4. Stroll around the whole Newbury St. It's a pleasant experience on a nice day. Very cute and cozy. Also, 1-2 blocks away from Newbury st.(the street that runs parallel to it), you will see the Prudential Center. It's an indoor mall which connects to the Copley place as well. The mall has Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th and a LV boutique as well.
  5. Boston has loooooooooovely shopping!

    I agree with everyone about newbury st. When I head back there next year I'm definitly taking the 20 min trip to Boston more often!