Boston Chanel

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  1. I was at the Boston Chanel boutique this week. They had a huge number of bags! Maybe all of these price increases are effecting sales?

    Here's what I remember:

    shagreen flap - OMG this is stunning!!!!
    croc flap - NM in Boston also had this - black GHW - large size - didn't ask
    red and black python flap
    small python cerf in begie
    large python cerf in black
    large tweedy tote in grey and black - grey is VERY light
    petals flap - lambshin and patent
    petals patent tote
    petals short jacket
    brown shiny caviar jumbo
    m/l red caviar 10A
    ivory flap in 2 sizes - m/l and jumbo or maxi
    there were a lot of classic flaps
    many cocoon bags
    the china doll necklace that has several dolls and pearls - VERY pretty

    ask for Mahasti or Rose...both are very nice 617-859-0055

    Sorry I didn't take any spy pics.....
  2. Yay! I'm in Boston for a week with very little to do (medical reasons) and this will happily occupy me for a little while! I passed by Chanel flagship in Soho (in NYC, my hometown) but there were so many tourists that I didn't even wanna go in. I'm hoping that this store will be calmer.

    Thanks for the post!
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    I've been in this boutique many times and it is usually calm....but not empty.

    Yes, these were on display. I didn't even ask about what's in the back....expect for the brown tweedy tote...which they didn't order. Not sure what they grabbed or what the stock will be like....

    Too bad if they got the shagreen was truly stunning! All of the exotic pieces were right next to the door....
  4. :nuts:I just had a horrible thought..............could our posting that a store has a lot of bags etc, etc., invite the wrong readers............yeeez I hope not, but it is the internet after all...........
  5. OMG - that was this store? I had no idea! There were still lots of bags on display when I went a couple days ago. So hard to believe that someone (some people?) walked out w/ 45 bags in broad daylight.
  6. How much is the 10A red m/l flap? Thanks.
  7. I thought the same thing, but people post spy pics all the time...