boston chanel boutique has cerf totes

  1. 2 sizes, several colors

    also, new expandable flaps in black, white, navy.

    ... not much else...
  2. Hi Lovey, do you know if the Chanel in Boston had any classic bags in red or new spring colors?
  3. it didn't have any flaps. which I thought was pretty lame of them.

    Neimans boston has some inventory though -- a couple different bags (no flaps though) in blush

    a few classic flaps with new chain in off white and black

    expandables in black

    rock and chain

    a cute modern chain (with the leather braided in sort of) red distressed leather flap

    some cotton club goodies -- def. pochettes, maybe totes?

    if you go to NM, ask for Carolyn. She's a sweetheart!
  4. Thank you so much...I never seem to get much luck in finding different colors.
  5. does anyone have both the small and large cerf tote?? I would love to see them side by side.