Boston Bbag Babes....

  1. Any shrugs in the Boston area? I'll be there in 2 weeks :yahoo:

    DH has limited my shopping time, so I am on a search and destroy mission. Must maximize shopping time :yes: .

    Also, if you can tell me where to go for cute boutique shopping, you know.. stuff I can't find at Nordstroms, Saks, NM.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. which is the shrug? i work a block from Louis Boston and live a block from Copley so i can check Barneys there if youd like...:flowers:

    hadnt seen the store request it really depends on style but i basically recommend for boutiques: intermix and queen bee both on newbury street and charles street has nice boutiques as well holiday and wish... there are tons of boutiques on newbury street so one walk down there will guarantee you will find something for your taste :smile: if you are looking for specific things, designers,,,ask and i shall tell...
  3. Barneys did have a few this spring but I haven't seen any lately. There are lots of cute stores on Newbury St. in the Back Bay plus lots of nice outdoor cafes. Have fun!!!
  4. Have fun Tabby!!! I live in MA!!! You may want to call Barney's and see if they have it. There's one in Chestnut Hill and Boston. Also, call Gretta Luxe- they are in Wellsley but if you have a car it's not far from Boston. There's good shopping in Wellsley too.
  5. Thanks Bean town ladies!!

    Barneys, Newberry and Charles St. it is :P .

    Should have asked you guys where to stay :idea: . We are staying at Jury's in Back Bay. Nice? We had a hard time choosing :shrugs:
  6. I never heard of Jury's. If you want to stay in the Marriott, Sheriden or Westin they are all connected to the Copley Mall. The Copley Mall is very upscale and has LV, Gucci, Dior, Barney's, Neiman's, etc.
  7. I'm so envious!! We went to Boston for the first time last month and I ADORED that city!!!!! We stayed at the Sheriden as it was for business... decent hotel but great location! Few blocks from all the good shopping. Have a blast!

    Newbury St. :love: :love: :love:
  8. I was just in Boston and stayed at the Fairmont (got a great priceline deal) and the room was SO beautiful was called a deluxe King and it was huge and palatial (this is a historic hotel that was once the Art Museum) The bedding was the most luxurious out of any hotel I've ever stayed at...The architecture was so beautiful inside the room, high adorned ceilings , beautiful chandelier. I've stayed at a few hotels in Boston and this was the was also just a block from the T and from Newbery St I love Boston, it's such a great city
  9. ^^^VARSHA- that's great to know!
  10. hii tabbyco..jurys is actually right by my office.. and its a nice hotel several friends have stayed there when should try the restaurant in front of it grill 23 is amazing! and you are quick walk from everything which im sure the hotel can tell you but its a block and a half from copley mall and two blocks from boylston/newbury streets... the hotel is popular for drinks ive noticed but im still in the clubbing scene so i havent checked that out
  11. Yay, rebeoliva! I am so excited :yahoo: . Sounds like we are in the right spot.
  12. Yup ... Zacorey gave you the names of all the stores around here that carry B-Bags.

    I know that some months back, the Barneys (Chestnut Hill) had a White Shrug but as it didn't sell, they sent it to the Barneys Outlet (Wrentham Premium Mall). Alas, the Wrentham complex is waaaaaaaay out of town ... most definitely requires a car (and a BIG insurance policy ... :lol: ... we're talking Boston drivers here :lol: !!).

    I was at both Barneys recently; the new bags are rolling in ... but, the S/A was *spot on* as far as the fact that they (BNY) stupidly DID NOT order any bags in the Blue colors :censor: :rant: :shrugs: ?!?!?! They seem to have quite a few of the Truffle/Truffe bags as the color does not appear to be that popular.

    I haven't been to Louis Boston in a bit, but I know that their entire Balenciaga collection was decimated during their blow-out end-of-the-season sale. Generally speaking, they don't carry as much Balenciaga merchandise as Barney's or Gretta Luxe (Wellesley). Unfortunately, the Gretta Luxe in town (Copley) cannot carry Balenciaga because of the fact that both Barneys and Louis Boston carry it.

    If you like jewelry ... I can DEFINITELY point you in the right direction!!
  13. When I was there at the end of July, Louis Boston didn't have a single B-bag.
  14. I like jewelry if I'm not buying ;)
  15. Read 'ya loud on clear on that one!!!