Boston Bal

  1. The Copley Barney's called and said Bubblegum Pink was in, and the Chestnut Hill Barney's called me and told me that magenta was in (didn't ask about other colors, sorry). Just fyi!
  2. Just fyi -

    Just came back from the Chestnut Hill Barney's. They had vert thyme and magenta in, along with sandstone (very light brown, is that the name of the new color?). In magenta regular hardware they had two cities and a first, all really distressed.

    They also had a tomato day, a tomato coin purse, a pine gsh day, a black gsh rtt I think? and some other stuff.
  3. Thanks, penguins! I guess that means I can check my local Barney's too! Hopefully I can hop over there this wkend
  4. Dag-nabb-it ... BNY/Chestnut Hill always seems to have the items that I want when I'm out of town! Anyone in the Boston area checked out Gretta Luxe/Wellesley yet?
  5. Barneys Copley Place had Bubblegum and Magenta, as well as Sahara last time I checked (weekend).
  6. I'm on the list for coin purses at Gretta Luxe and they haven't come in yet. I'll call tomorrow and ask what they have. I know they got some bags in but most had a list of people in line for them.

    The last time I called, they recognized my number from the caller ID. Lol
  7. lil miss, they actually told you that they recognized your number? oh no! that's a little weird to state that.
  8. Guess we've been doing some serious shopping there, huh?!? :lol:
  9. I think it was a slight hint that I call them a little much about the '08 bags. I haven't called in a while though so maybe they won't recognize it anymore! I had finals.