Boston bag mystery

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  1. After the beautiful reveal of a "Boston" bag we saw recently, I have been trying to find this bag online... and I think I may have cracked the mystery.

    Is it in fact the bag listed as a "Squash S" bag on the Bal website? It's under the Men section, and described as a "boston bag" in the description.

    Or it the "Boston" another bag entirely...?
  2. The Boston is a different bag. It's smaller than the squash. I've been looking too & it used to be on the site, but now it's gone. Maybe it's very limited???
  3. Hmmm. So where can we now find the "real" Boston?
  4. I wish I knew. It's an awesome bag!
  5. Me too! We must get the Bal detectives on the case.

    Any ideas about where to find the mystery Boston ladies?
  6. If you are talking about my bag, the gris pyrite Boston, the bags are not the same on the web site. Even I thought it was but just a different model until it was pointed out to me it was in the mens section. Upon going back and looking thoroughly, I realized it wasn't even close. I found mine through a forum member who saw a Boston at a Nordstrom store in California. When she told me, I cold called Nordstrom and made contact with a SA who followed through for me and reserved the one I have prior to it being shipped to the store. Upon arrival of the bag at Nordstrom she phoned, sent pics and I bought it via a phone order. If anyone wants her information, please PM me and I will be happy to give it to you. I believe she works on Saturday and Sunday. She was great to work with and did everything she said she would. Also, I think there was a Boston or two in stock at the time I called.
  7. Yes, it was your beautiful bag I was thinking about! So strange not to see it listed anywhere online...

    Thank you very much for your kind offer, but since I'm in Europe (and worried about customs duties!) I'll have to give it a miss.

    Perhaps another TPFer would be interested in this amazing bag.
  8. Boston bag alert!
    If anyone is interested, PM me and I will give you the SA's text or ph #.
    It is dark gray. I didn't ask the formal name of the color.
    (on the left side of the pic)

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  9. It is strange to me as well. Nascar fan found a dark grey which is beautiful but it is in the US as well, I suppose. I wouldn't want to pay customs either so I hope you find what you want!!!!
  10. Nieman Marcus has them! I ordered one & it should be here sometime this week :woohoo:
  11. Please be sure to share some pics when she arrives!

    If you don't mind me asking, is the Boston more or less expensive than the City?
  12. With the same hardware it's $100 less.
  13. Sounds like a great alternative to the city if we want a longer strap! Can't wait to see yours :biggrin:
  14. I have started saving for my first Bal, at first I was planning to get a City, but now I want this bag soooo bad! I went to Holt Renfrew at lunch to see if they had any info about this bag, and there sitting on a shelf was three of them, a grey with classic hardware, a black with GGHW and a purple with classic hardware. It also comes with a longer strap and it is heavenly! In Canada it is retailing for $1,580.00 is anyone wanted to know :smile: the classic hw ones anyways.
  15. Thanks for the info, JennyErin! Have you decided which one is for you?

    Also, can you please share why you liked it more than the City?

    Thanks and great work in finding it!