Boston bag do u have it?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone have this bag? I'm thinking of getting it but I wanted to know is it easy to get into say if the phone is ringing? I can never get to my phone is always in the corner of the bag where my hand didn't go.:evil:
  2. I have this bag and I LOVE IT!!!! I just carried for the first time over vacation. IT is a GREAT bag.. It carries loads and its so good looking! There is a pocket on the inside for the phone. AND it opens easy...just a great bag.
  3. I think it is super cute!! I hope you get it!!
  4. Thanks. I want the dark blue one! I thought I wanted the chocolate one but I saw the dark blue and fell in love. Ok now it's time to work my magic on my honey. I just ordered a Chloe Kerala Friday. (which he doen't know about) Waiting for that. Hey Mothers Day is coming up that's what I"ll tell the old man so I can get. :lol:
  5. Sunshine, if you want to - would you post a picture of you holding the bag? I'm really debating buying one but I'd like to see how it looks on someone. If not, that's totally fine. :smile:
  6. I will take one tomorrow for you..I look SCARY right now! Im all cozy in bed!!
  7. Haha, oooh stay comfy... I'm in my sweats all cozied up too :smile: Thanks so much - I look forward to the picture!
  8. sunshine: umm the authentic ones dont have a cell phone I wrong??
  9. IT is not a cellphone pocket...just a pocket that I use to put my cell phone in. I have never seen a fake one ...
    LVpics 022.jpg
  10. Sunshine,
    I'm afraid I've seen a TON of fake ones on ebay, FYI. I have an authentic black velvet horsebit with red/green center trim from F/W 05 that I love. It's a great bag.
  11. I think it's totally cute, you should get it. I got my Boston (shoulder bag) from bluefly. They used to have quite a few of the Boston bags in black and beige a couple of months ago. With the 10/15% discount and whatever rebate site you use, it will be a great deal!
  12. I wish I could find one on Blue fly that would be a good deal too.
  13. I wish I got that black Boston shoulder bag from Bluefly! I had no idea that they had Gucci.
  14. honu - I saw that exact same bag on Bluefly late yesterday afternoon, 745pm PST. Did you get it??? I was debating between the black and beige, I went with the beige because I have too many dark colored purses. The black one is very cute and there is a sharp contrast between the black and the red/green strip.
  15. I think the black one is gorgeous as well....did you get one???