Boston Bag? Anyone seen one IRL?

  1. Hi
    I was just wondering if anyone has this bag, or has seen it. Our Coach store does not have one, and I think it looks like a really great I need another bag..but if anyone has any comments, that would be great! Thanks!
  2. i have one! my mom is actually using it in las vegas right now. it fits a TON and is the perfect carry on/weekend bag. also, it takes a BEATING! i would definitely recommend it.
  3. I don't own one, but I've seen one at the store in Schuamburg, IL...

    It looked really roomy, like the perfect weekend bag!! Also, looked durable, as Jenn attested to.... If you are in the market for one... I would say its a definate yes! :yes:
  4. I have. It's gorgeous.
  5. I have it in black and love it! It's the perfect weekend bag when my SO and I go see my parents and i'm sure it will be a great carry on :smile:
  6. Would anyone be able to post some pics?
  7. i can when my mom comes back with it, but she doesn't come home until friday, and i don't know when we'll meet up after that. i'll keep an eye out for this post though!
  8. please post pic's,i want to see this boston bag.
  9. I saw one at the outlet this weekend.
    It's GORGEOUS in person!