Boss wants me to run the company...

  1. I work in a very small office- 7 people. I've been there 9 months, part time, and do the accounting. Everyone else has been there 2 years or more. My boss approached me the other day and mentioned he'll be retiring in a year or two. He then asked if I'd ever considered a more important role- like doing more what he does. Eventually I could even have partial ownership. The conversation completely surprised me!
    My main issues are learning the business, and handling people who are now my coworkers and may be disgruntled by the change. My boss said he's sure I could do it, which is very flattering. That the transition may be a little tough, but he's done it a few times in other companies and eventually it worked out fine. I have been in management before, but took this "step down" because I'd been out of work a while and wanted to work.
    I'm on the fence over this... Part of me thinks this is a very exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity, and next I think I must be crazy to consider it. Any thoughts or advice appreciated. TIA!
  2. i'd take it....take the transition time to prove your ability...
    if your boss thinks you have the ability to do so...don't second doubt yourself.
    congrats!! i am happy for you.
  3. good luck with whichever you choose! I can't say that I've been in that position because when approached for management I tend to shy away, I hate hate hate telling people what to do because..I just do..and to do so for people who used to be at the same level if not considered higher because they've been there longer!

    I do have to say that though that's true, seniority isn't everything. people should be placed forward based on their performance not time spent--if your work level is same as theirs then yes, that's when whose worked there longer may come into play

    which is why I also don't think you should be worried about the fact that you're jumping over them so to speak. they've been there longer then you but clearly doesn't show the ability or maybe they didn't want to..take the management position

    but even offered it's up to you to decide whether that's the right path for you, and since you do some or all? of their accounting hopefully you already know as a company how well they are doing! whether this is worth pursuing and, even investing some of your own worth into
  4. Life is short. We only get one shot....take it. You can do it.
  5. I say go for it! If you took a step down this is your chance to take the step up again :smile: If you enjoy management and they feel like you have the skills to successfully do it then I think you should!
  6. Go for it!!

    What a wonderful opportunity :smile: You must be doing a GREAT job if your boss has so much trust in you! :nuts:
  7. If it's just about feeling unready and asking yourself if you have the right skills for the big promotion, I'd say don't doubt yourself and go for it. Transition can be hard but if you work hard and try hard, you'll get there.

    While being considered for such a big promotion is flattering, you also have to think about whether this is what you want at this time of your life. This opportunity will take more time out of your personal life as there will be more responsibilities. Perhaps there are other priorities in your life that you want to give more attention to. Only you can decide based on what is going on in your life right now.

    Good luck!
  8. Aw, thanks everyone. :smile: You're all very encouraging. I had a quick chat with my boss today, and we plan to talk again before the week is over. He did allay some of my concerns, but I'm still a little nervous about my co-workers. They are a very catty bunch, and one in particular will most likely flip if I take this new position- to the extent that she may quit. :sad: Shes a real asset to the company, and I don't want to have her quitting on my conscience. We'll see, I guess.... Thanks again for the votes of confidence!
  9. You sound like my wife :smile:

    Through her career, every time she was offered a promotion, she wasn't sure if she could handle it. I always told her, if management thinks you can handle it, you can. And she did.

    However you are right about change. There will be someone who can't handle it, and one or two of them will leave. You will replace them with better people. Your boss already knows this.

    Good luck!
  10. I completely agree. Don't let someone else's jealousy (obviously) get in the way of your success.
  11. the important question ---- do you WANT to be the boss?? is that something you wanted to strive for in your career??

    if no, then i'm not sure i would do it. if yes, then go for it! i think it's awesome that you haven't been there that long but your boss likes you could do it above everyone else.

    i only ask if you want to be a boss because I have absolutely no desire to be in charge of anyone. I know I would be unhappy and couldn't handle all of the office politics that come along with being in charge.

    and if you can't talk to people when they've done something wrong or need to be reprimanded then being a boss isn't the job for you. my boss lacks at that quality HORRIBLY and it's so irritating. when she gets upset with someone she takes it out on the entire staff. if ONE person is doing something wrong she will address all of us, not the one person that is doing it, therefore nothing changes because the person doing it wrong was never told they're doing it wrong and think it's not about them.
  12. Yes, I really think I do! :smile: I enjoyed management and found it to be very rewarding. I've dealt with all kinds of people and all kinds of challenging situations. However, this office has a woman who is very insecure, spiteful, and envious; someone who genuinely enjoys "stirring the pot." She's older than I am and been there longer, and has been visibly threatened by me since day one. She's made (unfounded) comments to the others about my receiving preferential treatment, my reviewing reports for errors, (she makes lots of careless mistakes) and countless other things. Whenever I approach her with a mistake, she says "what did I do now?"
    She'd been better the last few months- almost pleasant- however she's starting shooting her mouth off again and attempting to berate me any chance she gets. I've never dealt with this kind of personality in the workplace. She's not likely to take the news that I'm her manager very well. She can be jealous all she wants, but she has the potential to make my office life a nightmare. Unfortunately I don't think she'll quit because the office is 5 minutes from her home. Any advice?
  13. Definitely go for it. In life, we regret the things we don't do more than the things we did. Don't be too concerned about co workers. You'll be in charge and it's not your problem. They'll just have to deal with it if they want to keep their job. Just do the best you can do and be as professional as possible.

    Your co workers might treat you poorly right now but that will have to change once your in charge. Most people know they can't disrespect their boss no matter what their personal feelings are. Hopefully they'll change their tune when they realize YOU are their boss.
  14. Take it!!

    In my experience Ive taken jobs where I was promoted and Ive also taken jobs where I was hired on for management. I much highly prefer being promoted within the company. I dont know why but I always felt like it was so much easier to gain others respect having been doing the job, rather than coming in there and trying to lead sheep with a blindfold on. I know this experience is different for everyone but you have an idea of how things work, so being promoted you have an upper hand.

    My advice in regards to the woman giving you a hard time is, be tough. I made the mistake of being "too nice" to employees for one company. They walked all over me, made me look bad and made my job completely miserable. She needs to know whos boss.. if she is doing anything out of line, she needs to be confronted and told her behavior is out of line. If she quits, oh well - good riddance!
  15. I would do it that sounds amazing! And also, it sounds like your boss thinks a lot about you, which should be taken as a huge compliment, prove him right, and in the next year or two until he does retire, think of how much more you will know and learn about what he does! You have only beeen there 9 months, and from now until 2 years from now will be a huge difference....

    The one thing i would consider however, is how lucrative and successfull his opeartion/ company will be in the future, you want to make sure you are securing something you want that will be successful.

    Good luck in whatever you choose!

    But yes i think you should take him up on that offer!!