Boss had friend send FAKE COACH pics to me

  1. I want to start by defending my boss who is a super great lady ... she's just completely not interested in handbags and that's fine.

    But she knows that *I* am.... and she told me today that she had a friend who "sold Coach purses" and she was going to email me some pictures of the new Coach bags she had in stock.

    My initial reaction was :hrmm: combined w/ the fact that I thought it was sweet my boss knows I love Coach and made the connection between me and Coach (haha)!

    Well, attached are three pictures she sent me.... (she sent about 50!) .....needless to say they aren't real and they are :throwup:.

    I don't want to be disrespectful to my boss because we have a great working relationship... I just politely told her thanks but since it was near Christmas I wasn't buying myself anything.

    But :cursing:.... where do people even FIND these fugly bags???? And then to try and sell them to people...sheesh.
  2. where's the pics :confused1:
  3. thats because they sell them @ the mall like this!!!!!!

    MAJOR EWW!!! :throwup::throwup:
  4. Of course actually ATTACHING pictures for you to see would be helpful, eh?????
    leather coach.JPG purses 2 010.JPG slings 001.JPG
  5. is this the coach spy cam!?! :roflmfao:
  6. that is a weird predicament to be in.. sounds like you handled it right. Sad thing is as gross as the bags are I have seen SOOO much worse those aren't so bad!!! But they are still fugly fake!!! :throwup:
  7. hahaha i was down @ the Sawgrass outlets in october and had this picture saved on my cellphone and just remembered it. As soon as I saw these I thought "OMG I Have to post this on TPF!!!" lol
  8. Ewwww. :push:

  9. Bahahah!!!! WTG.... those are horrid fakes.

  10. Wow that first one is major:throwup:

    These are not just knockoffs they are full on illegal FAKES!!!!!! :cursing:

    I wouldn't say anything to your boss, she is the one who employs you, LOL, but the lady selling them, I would do something if I could :bagslap:
  11. [​IMG]

    EWWWWW, sorry u had to look @ thoes !!! :sick: Look @ This ONE, on my local Craigslist.It said: "They Won't Last Long" hahaha :roflmfao:
  12. Kudos to you for preserving your working relationship with your boss - no reason to make her feel bad as she's not even into the whole world of designer handbags anyway. But her friend? She needs a good boot to the face!
  13. :roflmfao: That is spit-your-coffee-out-on-your-monitor bad!
  14. ^^LOL, that is a terrible looking bag
  15. O. M. G.:wtf: