Boss followed me up the hallway today...her initials are "MK"!!!!!

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  1. Had to share....I was coming back to work from my lunch hour today and our Director of Business Services followed me up the hall and wanted to see my purse! Of course I stopped to show her, and she said "what does the MK stand for.....that's MY INITIALS"!!!!!!!!!! My initial reaction was to say "you make THAT kind of money a year and dont know what MK stands for!!!!" but instead I told her!!!! She then said she is going to have to buy one b/c it would be amazing to walk around with a bag with your initials on it!!!! LOLOL I kinda tend to agree with her.....imagine having MK as your INITIALS!!!! HEAVEN!!!!! :biggrin:
  2. if thats the case i should be rockin' nothing but D&G ( that's my initials) lol
  3. ^^ I would!!!!! :P
  4. My initials are JAW - I always think of a shark :smile:
  5. Can you imagine if your initials were "LV"? That would be really funny!! MK is pretty cool too though!!

    I can't believe some people don't know who Michael Kors is. Someone asked me once too what the MK on my bag was for and when I told them they had no idea. I thought that was weird.
  6. Not everybody is in tune with the fashion world, unfortunately. That's why we come here! :P
  7. Mine is CC so i should be rocking Chanel :smile: I go by Tina though.
  8. This happens to me alot, too.....I always knew who Michael Kors was....I just couldnt afford his bags :P
  9. I always read fashion magazines and was always aware of the designers even if I had no interest in buying their stuff. I just feel like you'd have to be living under a rock to not even have heard the name. But I guess there are people out there who don't even know the names of their political leaders. . . .
  10. :lolots: VERY true.....and I know EXACTLY what you mean....when someone asks me "what does MK stand for" I have to pause a minute!!!!!
  11. That's what initially drew me to MK bags. Those are my I said I have to have one. Now I have 5 or 6 bags and quite a few of his watches too!
  12. How COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my initials were MK!!!!!!!!! LUCKY!!!!
  13. my friend said that she many people in NYC carrying a bag with 2 letters on it, but couldnt remember what it was.. i ratted off almost all the designers i remembered with 2 letters (theres quite a few! and im quite proud of remembering them all! lol) but MK didnt strike it with her.. then another friend walks in with a MK bag and shes like OMG thats the 2 letter bag everyone was carrying!! lol