bosphore pm?

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  1. if you have this bag, could you pease post pics with your stuff in it? now i wannt one and i want to see how much it can hold...... thanks! :yes:
  2. i would like to see this as well. and could everyone also say if they bosphore says "made in france" or usa. thanks

  3. Are you referring to the Messenger Bosphore PM?
  4. yes
  5. anybody?
  6. Here are some of the things that I keep in my Bosphore. Did not include my cell it was charging. Also made in France. Hope this helps.:flowers:
  7. love you cles! off topic...... do you like the eay you're supposed to wear it? does it sag when you put your stuff in it?
  8. I have one too, and trust me I put a LOT of stuff in it. It doesn't sag for me and I actually pull the strap so I can wear it as a shoulder bag. I only wear it as a messenger when I have to hold my son.
  9. Does not sag at all. I like the way it holds it's shape. Here's a pic completely filled with my things.
  10. i love the keychain! (isnt it jackie and lucie?) hmmm..... i am now officially obsessed with this bag! i now really want it... anybody else post pics please?
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