Bosphore in Azur??? When did this come out?

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  1. I was just looking at the site .. I noticed the pouchette Bosphore is listed in Azur could the rest of the series be coming out? I'd love the Bosphore backpack in Azur !!! I must have just overlooked this coming out, haven't seen it IRL I dont think yet. Any speculation?

  2. it's been out for a wille it also comes in regular damier, it was on my wish list but I took it out, I would LoVe a Damier GM Bosphore also:love:
  3. OMG! I LVoe it!
  4. It's cute!!

  5. I believe that is true for Japan, but it's not available elsewhere until November.
  6.! I like it, but would I use it much? hmm, I'm still missing a messenger type bag in my collection
  7. It is super cute, and really practical!
  8. very cute!
  9. Japan gets all the goodies FIRST.
    {{{ sigh }}}....
  10. ooooh!!!
    Is this out in USA????
    LOVES...anyone know US price?
  11. ^^^same price as regular mono bout $650:confused1:
  12. I found this on the USA site so I expect it will be coming out in North America!

    Here is the interior pic :