Bosphore Backpack & Cold Canadian Winter

  1. Hi its my 15th Anniversary next month and I'm thinking of asking for this as my anniversary present :smile: .. we live in Texas at the moment but after 15 years we may be moving back to Calgary and just in case I want to be sure this would hold up well if I am going to be taking it out in 30 and 40 below temperatures .. any thoughts? Id hate to get such a wonderful pack and have to worry about damaging it in a blast of cold air and I know I would love it for frequent use. I'm a Canadian living in Texas and I do love a pack for walking about and it would be great for here, but if we do end up moving back this fall, I'm a bit concerned about how the monogram fabric handles the cold temperature extremes - should I not consider it for daily use if I do move back up north? Just wondering? I'm so loving this pack when I tried it on at the Dallas Galleria when I was up there visiting this weekend and I'm thinking of going to the Houston Galleria as my anniversary outing next month to pick it up :smile: I've been using a Red leather Coach backpack for about 10 years now and this would be such a sweet upgrade! And it would look so great with new new LV Speeding sneakers!

  2. If you're concerned about the weather, perhaps a backpack in Damier? Then you won't have to worry about anything happening to the leather.
  3. Thanks for mentioning that, I did a search on packs and noticed that they can be special ordered in Damier - it may look really sharp and I dont mind waiting 8 months for my dream backpack :smile: ... is the Damier more durable than the monogram?

  4. Aww Happy early Anniversary! I am not sure since I live in CA and we don't have extreme cold weather. You might want to call LV directly-they should know for sure.
  5. Here's a pic of it by the way ... When I first saw the picture I thought it looked a bit odd, but when I saw all the compartments and huge side pocket it seemed so great for my Canon Rebel camera and its telephoto lense and when I put it on it was like a whole different bag, it was wonderful! I love it ! I think I will get it even if the winter will require more care if we do go up north, I just think it would be such a fun backpack and last for years to come. I'm looking at the picture every 5 minutes, can you tell? lol

  6. Thanks for the picture! I wasn't able to remember what the backpack looked like.. it's gorgeous!
    If this is the one you have your heart set on, I'd say go for it and just handle the cold when you get there... I'd think that the monogram would be fine, just worried about the vachetta getting spots from rain/snow
  7. That's a neat backpack! Not my style but if you like it, go for it!
  8. I spent some time comparing this side by side to the other LV packs on the weekend at NM, definitely is the best pick imo - I'm glad they didn't put the vachetta on the bottom of this one, and love the side pocket :smile: 8 days and I will go pick it up ! /clap /clap I love the big handle and how it feels on.
  9. I wanted this backpack for school, but it's too small for me. I'm 6 feet tall, so it looked kind of girly on me. But congrats on your decision!