Bosley The Wonder Dog!!

  1. I was so tickled to see this forum!! I am the biggest dog lover on the planet! I love cats, too - but I'm allergic.

    Here is my baby bear, Bosley:

    Here he is as a puppy:

    Bosley is a cocker spaniel / poodle mix, known as a cock-a-poo. He loves:heart: loves people and dogs. And, he's a self-professed food whore as he will do ANYTHING for food.
  2. Very cute poochie, thanks for posting!
  3. AAah adorable :nuts: And sooooo effing cute as a puppy :heart: I love cock-a-poo fur, it's so curly :smile:
  4. What a cutie! Love the baby pic, too!:smile:
  5. Awe what a sweetie pie! That pup pic is adorable!
  6. Oh, he's a sweetie, alright. Did you name him after Bosley on Charlie's Angels? It's a great name, BTW!