Borrowing Bags: do you share your bbags??

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  1. Fellow Bbag lovers, do you lend your Bbags to friends and family? Why or why not?

    My sister-in-law wants to borrow my black PT and I’m hesitant... I’ve lend her my LVs, Fendis, and Chanels with no problems but Bbags? Errr... I dunno :shrugs:
  2. I haven't had anyone ask to borrow them but I think it's because I am very picky. Everyone knows I am a neat freak and they don't want to be responsible if they mess anything up!:p
  3. My sister borrowed my 4 month old Camel Part Time - which was in perfect flawless condition. One day I saw a HUGE pen mark....I was livid.

    Ok, so it wasn't that big (maybe and inch) but I was really upset and I couldn't have a bag that has a pen mark on it (I really take good care of my bags esp. the Balenciagas)- so I immediately sold it. :crybaby:
  4. my friends dare not ask to borrow any of my bags LOL
    they know how pricey they are and knew it'll cost them if somethign happens :roflmfao:
  5. ^^Yea, mine wouldn't ask. I'm very paranoid about my things - not just bags, everything - so people generally wouldn't ask.
  6. No one has ever asked! Though I would totally loan it to a good friend. I'm thrilled whenever anyone in my circle takes an interest in my B-bags....which is rarely! I guess I don't have many purse-loving friends.
  7. MY SIL has dropped a few hints to borrow my bags, I have never picked her up LOL I don't borrow & don't like lending!
  8. UUUUMMMMM- No way in H$%*! No one I know would even ask. They are waaaayy to expensive for someone else who hasn't paid for them to be carrying around. I am also to emotionally attached to them, as silly as it sounds. I just couldn't trust someone else to take care of them like I do.
  9. Shasta, you and me sound A LOT alike!:p
  10. No one ever asked me before. And I don't expect anyone will ask me in the future. And I know for sure that I won't let anyone carry my bbag. If anything happen to my bbag....oh I will be so defastated.
  11. ITA. A big part of why I wouldn't lend them is because they are so expensive. But I think a bigger part may be because of my emotional attachment.
  12. We don't live anywhere near each other so it would be unlikely, but the only person I think I would be comfortable lending a Bbag to would be my mother. Out of total respect and love for her - I might hint to her that it's pretty expensive and to please be careful - but she's my MOTHER - if she accidentally ruined something of mine, tough cookies for me, I say....:heart:
  13. I have to agree with you bellenuit... when i FINALLY decide which color I want, my mom is the only person I would lend it too. I have only loaned one bag in my adult life (used to all the time in high school). That bag cost less than $200 and I was worried about it, co I would probably freak out about a bbag.
  14. No, but I doubt any of my friends know what Balenciaga is...

    I would absolutely lend it to my Mom, though - but they aren't really her style.
  15. I haven't shared my obsession with my family or friends, so its unlikely that they would ask. However if they did, I would not be keen on lending. I wouldn't be able to sleep or settle for fear that my bag was not being cared for in the same manner that I would care for it.