BorrowedPic:Can I still buy this RedMC E/W tote?!

  1. This is a borrowed pic from the reference section, it belongs to Smooth.

    Has anyone seen either the Modern Chain N/S or this E/W tote in Red in shops recently? In any country?:rolleyes:

    I prefer the E/W but the N/S is a close second. I got the glazed black E/W recently and I love it!

    Please let me know if you think the Red is still available anywhere! TIA!!!!!:yes:
  2. I like that bag, I want that bag, it's HOT!
  3. Ha, ha! I know! But so far no one has responded so I am thinking it is a lost cause.....:crybaby:

  4. That color was from last year. I tried to get one late in the game and was told they were all gone, so I doubt you can find one at this point.
  5. Ah.... you called all the stores etc? Ah, welll:sad:

  6. this one in white is also stunning!! In Bruxelles I asked about the red one, and he said they were all gone. But the white....was so :drool:
    Goodluck finding one, I think I saw one on eBay. Not sure if it still there...
  7. i love it!!!
    i was looking for a red bag too!!
    oh God i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!