borrowed my friend's MJ blake bag...and it nearly broke my back!

  1. Borrowed my friend's marc jacob blake bag and it WEIGHED A TON! So heavy that I had a backache by the end of the day!!!!! Makes me appreciate the lightness of b-bags EVEN MORE!

    I love b-bags.:heart:
  2. Good to know! I've contemplated getting a Blake because I love the look, but I was worried that it was too heavy. Sounds like it would not be for me!
  3. Serves you right for cheating on your Bbag!!!:wtf: Just joking!!!!:lol:
  4. hee hee...i used to have a stam but i had to get rid of it because it weighed so much, even with nothing in it!
    oh, the days before balenciaga (for me anyway)...LOL
  5. Pippop- I love your bag in your aviator- what is on it? It looks so pretty!
  6. lol, i know exactly how you feel didi-girl, my new YSL muse nearly broke my back too & i'm returning it tomorrow :hysteric:
  7. I have a quilted MJ Blake and have only used it once so far as I'm so spoilt by the feather weight of Bbags, lol!

    Aww, aaa.. sorry to hear you are returning your Muse. I have a large in chocolate and love it!!! Eventhough it's heavier than Bbags, it's not that bad.. well, considering the MJ Blake and my Paddy, that is.:P But I just love the shape and look of the Muse. Which one did you get?
  8. yeah, it's really sad i have to bring her back SS, because she's so purdy :crybaby:...she's the medium size in chocolate & my back was killing me after only 1 hour...the truth is, she's heavier than my weekender without anything in it!!!...i hurt my back bowling in college (lol!!!) & ever since then my back is super sensitive to heavy bags :girlsigh:
  9. Sorry to hear about your back, aaa.:crybaby:Yeah, you're doing the right thing returning the Muse. Nothing is worth your health. Don't you just love Bbags??! I always come back to them coz they're so light! Great for a whole day out running around or window shopping!:wlae:
  10. yeppers, my b-bags have never hurt me once & i can carry my work around town totally filled for hours at a time :tender:

  11. :roflmfao: i was thinking the same thing!
  12. i carry my MJ stellas everyday and i am fine. y'all need to work out some more. geez.

    aaa, i think the YSL is light, not compared to my stellas but in general.
  13. I use to carry Marc Jacobs, but now after carrying Balenciaga for a while I never bring out the heavy-hardware bags that once were my favorite.

    Balenciaga has stole my heart, in part because they are light-weight and just stunning.
  14. This is exactly why i'm thinking of selling my Chloe Edith bag. It's just so heavy compared to my b-bags. I never use it anymore...
  15. You are returning your muse.:crybaby:

    I guess I don't mind heavy bags.