*Borrowed from LV Thread* Where do you place your RM bag while on a plane?

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  1. Hi Everyone :smile:

    I saw this thread in LV subforum and learned so much reading tPF'ers replies and was curious to see how Minkettes travel with their RM's.

    I'm a germaphobe, so when I'm on a plane I make sure to bring a shawl (no matter how hot it is during vacation travel time) just so that I can hide my bag on the left or right side of my lap under shawl (depending where I sit inside cabin). I started doing this after a few times of flight attendants reminding me to place bag on floor. :sad:
    Of course being the germaphobe that I am, I panick. I don't know where airport shoes have been (airport bathroom, bathroom leaking, shoes get tracked on plane, etc.) And my RM's never sit on floor of my car either..

    When I took my new BBW MAM on plane last month, I used my *shawl trick* as always.

    I found some replies in non RM subforum very savvy! Some women will go so far as to bring an extra plastic HEFTY brand trash bag to cover entire bag with and then put on floor of plane...while others don't mind just placing their bags on floor of plane. Either way I got a few great ideas from reading :idea:

    I'm curious to know what Minkettes who often travel do? I'd love to have us share stories and maybe we can get some good tips throughout thread for the next time we have to use our mileage points :yes::graucho:

    :heart: Nat
  2. i put it on the floor...don't shoot me guys! lol but the only bag i have traveled with on a plane that was a designer bag was my NAVY mab and i knew she could handle it! she is a trooper. but after take off i put her in my lab and hug her lol. i hate flying so it was nice having that bag on the flight, kind of comforting in a way. wow that is so sad and pathetic...
  3. on the floor. RM's are hardy.
  4. On the floor too!
  5. Floor. I can't be bothered to baby a bag. The floor is carpeted and not covered in muck. On the train, it is on my lap tho...too much coffee spilling on the train!
  6. Yeah.. I put mine on the floor too but I'll usually check to make sure there isn't any gum.. or food on the floor in front of me before I do.
  7. I put mine on the floor, if I am feeling super paranoid I put it inside a Baggu first. A little more stylish than a hefty bag.
  8. I've never taken mine on a plane, but I'd take some sort of dish towel like cloth to lay it on the floor.
  9. I have a cheap tulip bag (free gift, actually!) from bath and body works that I slide my bag into and then I put that on the floor. I like the shawl trick, tho!! I travel frequently for business and I never put my bags anywhere that I wouldn't put my hand.... and there is no way I'd touch the floor of an aircraft! Guess I'm a bit on the overly phobic side....
  10. Never carried an RM on a plane yet but it's probably going on the floor.
  11. wow! so far a lot for placing on floor. i really am trying hard to not be so OCD. i'm so jealous of those that are more free spirited about their bags & i try so hard but then i fail. i hate OCD with my handbags!
    though i'd rather wipe my bag with wet ones than to be caught placing her in a hefty trash bag through security check & in cabin. i mean bravo to the woman who can do that & not feel weird about it...but with all the hustle & bustle at airport these days, i couldn't baby bag to that extent.
    hannahbananab, hahah! yeah, i feel your pain with the overly phobic side but i do want it to STOP (for me)...
  12. :roflmfao: hefty bag is the new trend! hahaah. lilac-what's a Baggu? i'm assuming a larger bag like hannahbananab's bath & body works one-like a larger tote? either way both of your ideas are great too.
  13. [​IMG]

    I used one of these to hold my laptop and purse last time I went to Japan - I carried my white Gryson Olivia, which was not going on the floor! On the return trip, I used the bag to accomadate all my shopping and checked it through, and placed my laptop in my purse instead. So, I put my purse in its dustbag instead for the trip home. Purse-love can be too labor-intensive at times!
  14. i put it on the floor too
  15. On the floor or on my lap, its just a bag!