Borrow a Bag

  1. I thought this was pretty cool. Usually when a girl buys a bag that she loves she only carries it for about a month or so and then she has her eye on another bag. Well, at this site you can sign up and pay a monthly fee and pick any bag you want and carry it as long as you want. When you are finished you just send the bag back and pick another. :wlae:

    Bag Borrow or Steal™
  2. Yes but I think the fee is high? and eventually you would carry a used bag and still pay a high fee. Also can you get the bag you want, when you want, at your monthly, high fee?
  3. lol I don't know.. I just thought maybe someone on here would like it.. that is why I posted it..
  4. I think this has been posted several times on here. You may want to search for it. :smile:
  5. Ok.. sorry.. I don't come on here everyday.. just when I saw that site I thought of this forum! :love:

  6. Yes, there have been several threads on this.

    The consensus has been that it's pretty ridiculous to "rent" bags at such high prices. Most of the women here would much prefer to save up those high monthly fees and put the money towards a bag they can keep and call their own.
  7. miss rose sorry everyone killed you with a post. im not a fan of the site but i wont kill you softly over the internet.

    the site does almost hurt me though......there is such a joy in getting that bag in its pretty little package.....ahhhh. i love knowing that the bag is mine, my little treasure. and something a lot of people dont understand....when you buy a great designer bag its a piece of art....its like picasso or a great antique. even if you keep it and never wear it after a month it will still hold value. you cant have that relationship with a target bag. (not that theres something wrong with target)

    my rule when it comes to my closet ......never buy anything over 20.00 and nothing lower that 300.00 its a good rule....either way your getting a great sale on something you love and is cheap or you are getting something absolutely fabulous and worth the money.

  8. Thanks ;) I totally understand... i wasn't saying that it is a good idea.. I just thought maybe someone would like it.. I personally can't afford a purse that costs over a thousand dollars and to be able to carry it just once would be great! lol I am not signing up for it.. just wanted to share it...

    Thanks for being much nicer than other people! :love:
  9. You do the math...$60.00/week or $175.00/month for LV Speedy 30 - when you can buy one for $620.00 - hmmmmmmmm ~I rather buy the purse. It is an interesting site for people who don't want to invest alot in purses but don't mind paying a lot to rent them!!

    thanks for sharing though, I am sure there are some viewers who may find this interesting!!!