Borough slouch-how much?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    I promise this is the last thread that I'll make about the eternal "which one" question! ;) Thing is, I tried the large edgepaint borough, a marobox, but decided either the leathers or the colors are not to my liking. So hard to buy these bags sight-unseen! To make things short, I'm trying to decide on either the large black pebbled, or the large bar stripe, to put my SA and I out of our misery much does the pebbled ones slouch? I actually touched the pebbled one in the store a few months ago, and liked the feel of the leather, but was afraid to go for it when I heard it slouches more than the other variations. Would it slouch to the extent of Lea Michele's, if the zippers are worn closed? Or is that just a normal look for a broken-in pebbled borough? Please help!

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  2. My pebbled looks nothing like hers, but mine is a medium. It softens up, but when I think "slouch," I think of the hobo or Phoebe, and it is nowhere close to that kind of slouch. It won't hold its shape like the marobox or glove-tanned, I'm sure, but I'm kind of surprised at the slouch on her bag in the pic and it may be because there is so much more leather on the large to slouch with. Google pics of Sarah Jessica Parker with her alpine moss medium and that is the extent of the slouch you are going to get after extensive use.
  3. Thank you, whew!! How you have relieved my anxieties :biggrin: I can definitely live with the slouch like SJP's-but Lea Michele's had me taken aback! Don't think I like the wavy look. A lady showed her large black borough bag to me today, and I really loved it on her! Perhaps this is a sign :graucho: Will go in to the boutique on Wednesday! Looks like my store has both the large black pebbled, and the large bar-stripes, so hopefully I'll be able to decide once and for all! I just don't want to make my SA wait two hours, while I make up my mind :lol:
  4. the large looks ill proportioned on her.

    I like that the pebbled leather has a bit more texture on it. hmm, it would be a hard call for me too. I love the look of the bar stripe but I think I would go with the more classic black, I might get bored with the stripes over time.

    can't wait to see what you decide on.
  5. I would think the large would slouch more than the medium. Plus the large is heavy.

    Do you really need the large? Someone on tpf was able to get a red bar stripe in the medium with a slightly different pattern.

    I wonder if the seams on the bar stripe would give it more structure.
  6. I agree that the large would slouch more, especially in the middle. It does look like it buckles a bit when you carry it by the handles because the handles are spread out where they attach, more so on the large.
    The pebbled leather is a bit softer than the other leathers and has more give.:smile:
  7. Hi, thank you for your feedback! I carry a lot of big hardback files and what not for work, so I think the large will be more suitable. My large patchwork has managed to keep her shape so far, after three weeks of use, and I absolutely love it! Wonder if there is another leather that will do the same for me ;)
  8. I would imagine with all that stuff in it and zipped up, it wouldn't slouch a ton, but can't speak from experience. I think I remember someone saying that there's a large warm grey, if you like that color, I think the glove leather would hold up.

    Edit: I see you already knew that, sorry I couldn't be more helpful! Hope you're able to able to make a decision soon :smile:
  9. Thank you, and no prob! My SA just helped me to order the warm grey; I knew about the large and the color combination too late though, so I couldn't get it during the PCE period. But there were only less than 5 of them left, so I can't take the chance ;). Trying to decide if I want another color combination, so I get the discount for at least two boroughs :graucho:. Should there really be no other that would work for me, I guess I could take it into the store, and have the SA adjust it; meaning, return the grey, then exchange the marobox for the grey so the 25% discount would reflect on the retro glove borough, but since that would be a bit of trouble, I'm trying to avoid it if possible :smile:
  10. If you have the large patchwork borough and carry hard files, I would get a solid neutral color and not worry about the leather stiffness, because I assume your hardback files are keeping the shape intact.

    The bar stripe is pretty but IMO, similar to the patchwork.

    I would pick a solid color that goes with outfits that your patchwork doesn't quite work with. So probably black pebbled unless there is another neutral that works as a better alternative to patchwork in your wardrobe. For me, it was chambray. If you love the red, you could also do vermillion. But then you would have two attention-grabbing large bags. I would try to find out all the solid colors that are coming out or are still available in large.

    Also if you are smaller than average, black might look large on you. Or not. Black looks really good on women with dark hair. So keep in mind when picking out the color how big the bag looks on you if you are smaller than average.

    Edit: Just saw your last post. What boroughs do you have already? How many do you want to keep?
  11. Hi, thank you for all the great points! Maybe I'll go for black then...agree that single hues may pair better with more outfits. So far, I think the solid colors available are in camel, grey, and walnut (sold out I think) of the retro-glove, black and alpine moss in pebbled, and a large vachetta borough that I'm eagerly looking forward to, but is nowhere coming back in stock. My SA is tracking it for me right now, but as of yet, there is no replenishment date for that one.
  12. Thank you!! It's so hard to make a choice...they're all such great bags! I do have a black bag that is getting worn, so I was thinking about getting the black pebbled borough to replace it; but since my large patchwork is somewhat black too, then I wasn't really sure anymore :P
  13. I own a large pebbled Borough and carried it for about 2 weeks. It broke in very quickly and is slouchy. I recently purchased the polished version and have yet to carry it.

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  14. Thank you so much for your pictures!! It really helps a lot. I was looking for photos of the broken in boroughs, but couldn't find very many of them. Ah, decisions...:cray:
  15. OH WOW you are making me second guess my Oxblood purchase!!! Holy moly!!!! :faint::nono: