Borough Question- Wrinkles normal?

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  1. This is my 2nd exchange of the Vermillion Borough. The first one had deep scratches on the base. This one came with these wrinkles throughout. Is this normal? Thanks ladies :smile:

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  2. My warm grey has a few like that....
  3. ok good to know, thank you! :smile:
  4. Welcome, love your new beauty also. I almost got that color. It's on my list.
  5. Thanks :smile: I will do a proper reveal tomorrow! I also got a Chestnut Phoebe :graucho:
  6. Can't wait to see. :smile:)
  7. My large patchwork has several of those too...
  8. My camel one arrived yesterday and I do have a couple of those. I think its natural with this type of leather. I would have one in the vermillion and warm grey too if I could.