Borough, Preston, and clutchable bug

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  1. So I think I'm officially nuts!! After getting the edgepaint Preston in ecru/seamist, and the large patchwork borough, I'm finding myself looking at more Prestons, and more Boroughs :cray:. If the large vachetta borough comes back in stock, I'll probably be getting that, but I can't stop staring at the studded Preston, and the large clutchable in python printed leather. Even the Preston in mixed media, which I wasn't so interested in originally, I was impressed by the quality when I saw it in the store. Anybody seen that mixed media yet? What are your thoughts about it?

    But anyway, this is getting out of hand :sweatdrop:, and I need to see these bags in person (or reveals ;)), before I make any decisions about them. God forbid the next month rolls around, and I'm bombarded with more interesting bags! I justify my moments of craziness thinking that it'll be fine to buy the ones I like, since I'm not interested in the fall preview...but now I believe I need to take a step back. Yikes!

    Which ones are you all drooling over (if any), and how do you keep yourself in control?
  2. I've seen the mixed media preston at the store too. I really like it and i usually don't go for white colored bags. But i think with different colored trimmings and handle, that gives a good contrast and makes the bag look really stylish. It makes a nice spring/ summer bag!

    I also find myself wanting to buy everything since there are so many styles and colors to choose from.. But I'm also waiting to see the woven preston...
  3. I really love yellow bags, so I ordered the pale lemon Preston (coming to terms with it's extreme pebbliness (if that's a word!) on the center panel - but I think I'm keeping it). However, I couldn't get the studded Preston out of my mind after seeing the reveal on here (and for some weird reason I have black-bag fever even in the spring time!) so I called my store and ordered it yesterday before the PCE expires.

    Hopefully those will satisfy my new-bag fever for the spring! We'll see! :P
  4. I had my bags scattered all over the house in 3 or 4 places. What helped is putting them all together in my office on a bookshelf and overflow on the floor. I work in San Francisco Monday - Thursday each week so I can only take 1 bag. When I go upstairs to pick a bag and it takes me a few minutes to think about what I'm wearing and I have 3 or 4 I want to use that lets me know that I have enough for now. It has to be a pretty special bag to make me want to add it to my current collection. I wanted that Pale Lemon Preston so bad since I really love my Graphite one. I've been able to resist this PCE but not sure if I get the next PCE and the bag is still will probably be coming home to me! :smile:

  5. Yes! Taking my bags out of their dust bags and storing them together so I can see them all at once has helped a lot. Still buying, but I have skipped several new bags and deleted a few after seeing the collection all together. Of course, it also stunned my DH. Not as good. ;)

  6. :lol:......Yep! I try to keep DH out of "my room" because he always has something to say about my bags....."Are you up there playing with those bags again???" Luckily, he has a Nike addiction so I just throw it back at him.
  7. I was interested in the mixed media Preston, until I read on the staging site that it was leather and vinyl (?!).

    I don't know for sure if that was correct..... :shrugs:
  8. #8 Mar 16, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014

    Oh my! I see that. Thanks for pointing it out. So they are jacking up prices AND now using VINYL? Now I'm thinking through all my bags of course. I think I would have noticed if any were made with vinyl........
  9. Whatever you do about that control issue, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT post a voluntary ban thread thinking it will help you be good. Even though I have stuck to it, the Preston, especially the new studded version, is killing me. Literally. If I ever stop posting, you can probably locate my cold body somewhere in a Coach closet/store/outlet trying to get a final hit.

    If it's in budget and you'll enjoy it, go for it! I'm living vicariously through you now. I need the reveal hits. :smile:
  10. Omg, thank you so much for pointing that out! I don't know how I could have missed wonder I was confused about exactly what was mixed media about the bag, when I touched it in the store. Didn't know that gray part (I'm guessing that's where it is), is vinyl! Hmm...
  11. lol, thank you for the great advice! I know exactly what you mean...this is almost like the other addictions! I remember a smoker said once, that if he smokes, he'll die later, but if he doesn't, then he's going to kick the bucket instantly :lol:. Trying to debate the four bags on my wishlist right now...:sweatdrop:
  12. I don't know. Here is the description from the staging site:

    I don't know what the "clear accents" are, or what is supposed to be vinyl. The staging site could be wrong anyway.
  13. Thank you for the quote from the staging site! I wonder if the gray part is the vinyl, or if it's leather with vinyl coating-the handles and the stripes down the bag looked a bit shiny, and different from the rest of the bag. :thinking: Interesting...
  14. The more I pass up, the easier it is. I want to be able to actually carry the bags that I've bought. I bought the Legacy Studded Clutch a few weeks ago and that was the first bag I've bought since Sept. I do have a Dooney coming this week so I'm very excited! I change out my bag once a week and with a collection of about 30 bags, it takes me well over 6 months if I want to go through the whole rotation of my bags. As I stated, I want to be able to actually use the bags that I've bought....
  15. The description isn't always correct on the site. I have seen errors before. But if there is vinyl on the mixed media Preston, I am going to be mad. I want that bag, but not for $400 and it being part vinyl.