Borough bags at outlets


At the mall, BRB.
Jun 17, 2012
A few boroughs were sent to the outlets by mistake, instead of being sent to jax, and trust me some people were in a lot of trouble over that. The boroughs are not going to outlets and corporate has made sure of that. If you cant use PCE on a bag, its certainly not going to end up at a factory store. Not to mention there were literally only about 3 that were sent to factory stores by mistake so its a little suspicious that people keep claiming that they are finding boroughs at outlets....
Not sure how long you have worked for coach but those of us that have been into coach for a long time have learned never to say never. I'm sure the intention is to never send them to the outlet, but if any remain in storage after a period of time (who knows how long is long enough) they will be liquidated. Coach won't sit on them forever.