Borough bags at outlets

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  1. Several of you were lucky enough to pick up your Boroughs at an outlet.

    But I thought they were not really deleted yet. As in, no Boroughs have been deleted. If so, how do they end up at outlets??

    Which outlets did you girls find your Boroughs at? Selected stores, or nationwide? I know that they have also been sold on sale at Macy's and Dillard's department stores but I didn't think the outlets were in on it too.

    I ordered my Oxblood (medium) Borough but not through an outlet. I'm glad to get it, but some of you got them at seriously great prices!
  2. I know, I am holding off to see this at the outlet. (or at least PCE)
  3. There seemed to be a handful that made it to outlets recently, not full force like most other deleted items. At any rate, my suggestion is to order what you dont want to miss out on and if down the road, you happen to score one or 2 more for outlet pricing great! If not, you'll still have a bag that you wanted in your collection.
  4. Some may have been returns. I found the Madison Hobo that is currently in FP stores at an outlet and scored a great deal on it. That happens sometimes and may explain at least some of them that have popped up at the outlets.
  5. As stated previously and from what we can see from reveals here, it appears only a few boroughs have reached the outlets in general. This doesn't account for some who may have scored one, but aren't part of the tPF Coach Community. I can't speak for others, but my AM was definitely a FP transfer. The oxblood was an unbelievable ~$125 score at Dillards.

    I agree with the previous poster. If you love it, get it and wear it in good health.;)
  6. Yes, I am and I will. I really want the Oxblood and don't want to risk losing out.

    $125 at Dillards? That is truly a FIND.

    I really like the look of the pebbled leather camel Borough ^posted upthread. The pebbled leather in camel is so much more appealing than the glove tanned leather in the same color.

    Can't wait to get my hands on mine :smile:
  7. Mine two Bs fron outlet were not returns, they were with transfers as well. Thn one at dillards for wayyyy cheap.
  8. I don't remember if oxblood is still on the site or not but I've noticed that when a style or color starts popping up at various outlets AND the department chains reduce them to a steal, the likelihood is they are selling off that inventory. If any are left, they'll be on FOS. Purely my observation. Oxblood is apart of the first generation and it's possible it's on it's way out.
  9. Regardless if a few bags were transferred to some outlets or not, they were not in outlets in mass quantities like some other deletes have been. Maybe they'll hit the outlets en masse at some point but as of right now, they haven't.
  10. A few boroughs were sent to the outlets by mistake, instead of being sent to jax, and trust me some people were in a lot of trouble over that. The boroughs are not going to outlets and corporate has made sure of that. If you cant use PCE on a bag, its certainly not going to end up at a factory store. Not to mention there were literally only about 3 that were sent to factory stores by mistake so its a little suspicious that people keep claiming that they are finding boroughs at outlets....
  11. Also on a side note, you will not see any oxblood ever at an outlet, considering there are less than 40 in the entire country including stores and jax.
  12. I don't doubt they were sent by mistake but more than three have been found.......
  13. Not sure how long you have worked for coach but those of us that have been into coach for a long time have learned never to say never. I'm sure the intention is to never send them to the outlet, but if any remain in storage after a period of time (who knows how long is long enough) they will be liquidated. Coach won't sit on them forever.

  14. My outlet got way more than 3.... Literally....
  15. I say never, because its still in demand and very popular and its almost sold out, once coach sells out of it, its done. They're not going to make any more of it.