Borough bag no longer exempt from 25% off promotions.

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  1. I have some great news to share with you. The Borough Bag is no long on the exemption list for our 25% off promotions! Although the Mini Borough Bag is still on the exemption list, this would be a great chance to take a look at some of the new styles and colors the Borough has to offer. Are there any that have caught your eye? If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me at the store. I hope to hear from you soon.


    I just received this email from my Coach FP boutique.
  2. Darn it, I want a mini borough. Oh well.
  3. I saw an alpine green mini borough at Macys in Salem NH on sale last week. 25% off plus 20% with your Macy's card.
  4. I want a mini as well. Any idea when it will come off exemption?
  5. +1
  6. Eventually I think they will all be included. Although I think it is odd to have the mini only excluded
  7. Bummer.... This is the one I wanted as well.
  8. Coach online says none are exempt, that they are all still excluded from PCE. Geesh. Guess no one talks to each other?
  9. So you tried the promo code online and it didn't work? Or did customer service tell you that? I'm just curious. So frustrating to get different answers!
  10. Macys has 20% off now or 25% if you purchase another handbag or wallet. I saw a mini Chambray at my Macy's today.
  11. Both.
  12. Bummer...I wonder if it is more at the store level that the SAs are communicating that.

    Could you order one or purchase one from a Macys since they have a sale? Or call a Coach store maybe? Sorry you are having trouble.
  13. It's ok...I want a mini anyway and really have my sights set on it for fall, so hopefully it will be eligible for PCE online by then. I sort of live in the middle of nowhere and my Macys has next to nothing....a few Phoebes in basic colors and that's about it. I know I could ask them to order from another store for me but I think I'll wait to see the fall colors. Still amazed at the inconsistency with pricing though.
  14. This is a real turn off for me...guess is no different than bags going to the outlet 3 months later....
  15. Just found our answer on another thread....

    Discount is IN STORE only! One of the posters mentions her store - maybe you could find out which stores had the one you like and have them ship to you if they will. It is crazy! Otherwise, which one are you looking for? The Macys I visited earlier had 1 mini in Washed Chambray, 1 regular Pebbled in Black and the Retro in Camel. It was the Southdale in Edina MN.