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  1. Bornfree - What lovely and diverse classic and carefree! Some of your CLs are the first of their kind that I've seen, like the nooka and serruriere. I :heart: the python biancas, eel lady claudes, ginos, maggies, and rocailles. Thank you so much for sharing!!
  2. Born, you have such a "classic" (as in ladylike/Audrey Hepburn-esque) collection! I love the way you took your photos, too.

    My favorites are the nude Jaws and Aubergine Rolandos--gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! :biggrin:
  3. BattyBugs, nillacobain, erinmiyu, rdgldy, xiaoxiao, Alice1979, kett, ilovetoshop, rock_girl, peppamint - thank you ladies... and TPF is definitely the only place that can understand the CL obession! :yahoo:
    Theren - I have been searching the B/W Greissimo for a while and was really glad when it finally pop up on eBay
    lizziecat - If i really have to choose, my fav will have to be the python Bianca and Eel LC
    mkl_collection - thanks for dropping by dear
    Dukeprincess - thank you... was lucky to find these during The Outnet sales
  4. Wow, wow, wow.... such a lovely collection. The Cosmo Bianca's are extraordinary!
  5. congratulations bornfree, on a FANTASTIC collection!!! it's hard to pick a favorite because there are so many gorgeous pairs! wear them all well!
  6. 120 Nude Clou Noeud Spike Peep Toe........ what? I didn't know these existed...
  7. :faint::faint::faint:

  8. 44 in 4 months? Girl, I WISH I HAD YOUR CLOSET. :biggrin:
    The Cosmo Biancas and the Eel Lady Claudes had me falling out of my chair, they're so beyond gorgeous. WOW. :p
  9. Such diversity of shape, color, and material. I am honored to have seen this collection. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.
  10. Love the nookas and the blue jean simples!
  11. Woww!!! You have such a gorgeous collection!!!
    Love them all!!
  12. Lovely collection of CLs!!! :yes: Congrats!
  13. WOW! I seriously cannot pick a favorite! I'm so glad to see another person with Nookas... I think they are so underrated!
  14. Stunning, this is simply heaven! :cloud9:
  15. Great collection. thank you for sharing, and thank you for your great blog.